Women's V-Neck Cardigan

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A women's v-neck cardigan is comfortable, simple, and easy to layer. It can also be worn as a a sexy layer when you clip it in the frontover a revealing dress. If luxury fabrics are more your taste, then there are great fabrics to drape yourself in, as opposed to plain wool and cotton.

About the Style

A cardigan by definition is a sweater that buttons, ties, or zips down the front. A v-neck style of this classic sweater is a bit more dressed up than most others, but because the definition is so broad it can encompass many different designs. The most basic piece is a sweater that is open in the front in a large "v," and buttons down the front.

Conservative or Dramatic

The buttons on most sweaters of this type are very small and do not overpower the sweater. The result is very polished and classy. The type of "v" also plays a large part in determining the overall look. A slight "v" is more conservative and work-appropriate, while a sweater with a deep v-neck is much more dramatic and can be worn for a dressier look.


This type of cardigan is also a very versatile wardrobe item for women. You can easily layer it with a tank, tee, camisole, or blouse. A sexy camisole will add a little bit of coverage and still highlight the décolletage in a classy way.

Body Type and the V-neck Cardigan

The v-neck, as opposed to a round or square collar cardigan, is also appealing to many women because it offers a slimming look. The "v" draws the eye vertically, so the result is a more slenderizing style than many other sweaters.

This type of sweater is universally flattering. Most women's body types can benefit from the elongating, slenderizing look. Women who are taller or have thin or angular frames can benefit from a v-neck as well, simply substituting a shorter style or chunkier fabric texture to break up the line. Women who have a larger upper body or broad shoulders also appreciate the way this type of sweater can minimize the upper body.

Wear a V-Neck Cardigan

V-necked cardigans aren't necessarily a big part of everyone's wardrobe, but they can be. They're lighter than jackets, but they are still cozy in cold, and many cardigans drape nicely to wrap around the midsection in a simple swoop.

In addition, cardigans with a v-style neck can be worn at more events than you might first expect.

  • Wear a cardigan with a v-neck over strappy dresses that you feel show too much shoulder. You can still show off your dressy necklace with this neckline.
  • Choose a cardigan as a quality layering piece underneath a lightweight overcoat. A v-necked one is particularly good, because it allows you to wear scarves or other neckwear without feeling like you have too much weight around your neck.
  • Pick a simple cardigan to fold up and store in a larger purse when cold weather could hit. A v-neck one is a smart pick for four-season layering and for wearing over different necklines.
  • Use a v-neck cardigan as a water-repellent layer underneath a classic raincoat, sans lining. The v-neck style won't compete with the button placket.

Dress-Up vs. Casual Cardigans

All cardigan sweaters aren't intended for the same events and locations. Casual cardigans often have rounded or square necklines, while dressy cardigans often features a v-shaped neckline. Dressy sweaters of this type are usually made of a fine knit and an equally luxurious fabric, and a casual one will have a chunkier knit and a plain look. When you're wearing a fancier cardigan, you can clip on a few sweater clips and leave your arms exposed for a more glamorous effect.

Details and Designs

Dressy v-necks might also have shirring, fancy buttons, embroidery or printed designs, or ruffles that add extra splash. Consider the following styles for a more elegant look.

  • Extra long v-neck: Appropriate with dressy denim and trousers, a long-line or extra long piece adds drama and instantly adds splash to your look. For a more casual feel, you can also pair this item with leggings, but if doing so choose a style that provides full button-coverage in the front ratehr than a single button or clip.
  • Deep neck: A very deep v-neck is a sexy alternative to a wrap or jacket. These are trendy and cute, so if you are considering a piece that is less classic, a deep v-neck is the way to go. It can wear well over a dress or nice blouse and pants, or layer cute tops underneath when you want to go more casual.
  • Short styles: Short v-front styles are fresh, young, and can help emphasize the waist. Throw one on over a dress or lightweight fitted top. Most shorter styles have only one or two buttons and little coverage in the front, so they must be layered over another piece.
  • Contrast stitching: Stitching, piping, or trim that follows the vertical line of the sweater in a contrasting color looks sleek and modern, perfect for wearing with a variety of outfits for a polished look.
  • Wrap-style and belted v-necks: These sweaters offer a dressy and feminine look whether worn with jeans or dresses. They also create a great hourglass look because the neckline slenderizes and wrap or belt nips in the waist.


  • Angora: A fuzzy cardigan adds texture to otherwise slinky outfits. Try one with jeweled or otherwise decorative buttons when you are going to be wrapping up in the car prior to an event, or toss one in the backseat for after-party chills or impromptu strolls.
  • Cashmere: Cashmere's a long-wearing choice that adds sophistication to a simple ensemble. With less fuzz/pilling to worry about than angora, it's still a pretty selection that never looks cheap.
  • Silk: Live in a hot climate? Silk is famously warm in winter and cool in summer, so you can allow its versatility to cover multiple spots in your closet.
  • Cotton: A bulky cotton knit will work for fall, and a skinny one is nice in warmer climates.

Cardigan Care

After you've bought your cardigan, you want it to last for a long time, don't you? These care tips are a good way to love your sweaters and keep them bright and properly shaped. After you learn about washing your cardigans, you'll find that they're much easier to wash and dry than you thought.

  • Be sure to wash your cardigan in soap flakes or liquid that is considered ultra-gentle. If the v-neck area of the cardigan is dirtier than the rest of the sweater, allow it to soak for a few hours after directly applying a soap solution.
  • Rinse your cardigan in cold water after washing and press between two absorbent towels.
  • Let your sweater air-dry flat. Since cardigans with v-necks have bigger necklines in general, they can stretch more easily.

Buy a Women's V-Neck Cardigan

A women's v-neck cardigan is an essential layering piece, so if you have to buy one, you might as well make it fun. A woman's v-neck cardigan is an easy item to find on sale, and not just the cheap brands, either.

  • Neiman Marcus carries plenty of classic cardigans on their website.
  • Net-a-Porter carries lots of cardigans from designer labels for less.
  • Nordstrom is a smart place to go when looking for cardigans with a more feminine fit.

V-neck cardigans for women are varied, attractive, and shopping for them can become quite the hunt. Shopping for a cardigan might not be the most thrilling thing to do, but it can be if you relish good deals.

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