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For petite women, finding a leather jacket that fits and flatters a smaller frame can be a challenge. Since leather does not have much of a stretch, a regular sized leather coat can look baggy and ill-fitting on a petite woman. Thankfully, more and more designers are catching on to this challenge and have created stylish leather jackets constructed specifically for a petite frame. Browse the flattering options below and find the leather jacket you've always dreamed of owning.

Bernardo Quilted Moto Jacket

This trendy Bernardo Quilted Moto Jacket is a perfect pick for the petite fashionista. Moto jackets are meant to be ultra-fitted, so the fact that this one is made for a smaller frame means it hugs your body in all the right ways. This one is also an amazing steal at under $250.00. The basic black version of this moto jacket will go with everything, although it also comes in a stunning reddish brown hue that is hot for fall. Pair it with a basic tee, sneakers and fitted ripped jeans for a casual daytime look, or throw it on top of a flowy mid-thigh length dress for a night out on the town.

Trouve Leather Drape Jacket

If you're looking for two of the most versatile and stylish leather jackets right now, one would be the aforementioned moto style and the other would be the drape-front leather jacket, like this style by Trouve, available for around $330.00. While the moto jacket has a fitted feel, the drape-front jacket should be fitted in the arms but loose and flowing in the front. It creates a cozy, casual look with a bit of a boho vibe that is very in vogue. Wear this style with a loose cotton maxi dress and cute flats, or throw it over a cable knit sweater and wide leg pants in fall.

Lambskin Leather Scuba Jacket

When choosing a leather jacket, remember that the comfort of the garment relies heavily on the quality and feel of the leather. Lambskin is the softest type of leather and ensures that your jacket will feel like wearing a second skin. The cut of this Leather Scuba Jacket by Cole Hahn (available for about $460.00) is fairly classic, which means that it will remain a closet staple for another decade to come. Wear it as you would any other day-to-day jacket -- for warmth over long sleeve tees, sweaters, and casual pants.

Classic Leather Trench Coat

A leather trench coat is one of the most classic looks. This classic trench by Ellen Tracy, which can be purchased for about $360.00, checks all the boxes in terms of style and substance, and comes in both a rich espresso brown and a traditional black color. It also features a simple streamlined silhouette -- a single breasted collar paired with a gold zipper for a little something special. The leather coat is finished off with a leather belt tie, and at its less-than- $400.00 price it's a steal for a long leather coat. What makes this one particularly great for petite women is that it is a longer length without being super long. Coats that are very long can overwhelm a small figure, and this one strikes a nice balance between short and too long.

Flap Pocket Leather Trucker Coat

The style of this casual Flap Pocket Trucker Coat evokes a country-western sensibility. It is ideal for pairing with your best rustic attire, such as jeans or long skirts (a-line floor length skirts with a short jacket are a great look for petite ladies) paired with cowboy boots. Add a pair of dangling silver and turquoise earrings to finish off a look fit for a Carrie Underwood or Brad Paisley concert. Adding some feminine patterns (such as paisley) and fabrics beneath your jacket is a great way to soften its rugged outdoor appeal. You can snag this leather coat for approximately $230.00

Asymmetrical Leather Jacket With Zippers

Channel your inner bad girl with this Asymmetrical Zippered Leather Jacket. When wearing this statement-maker you may feel like one of the Outsiders, or a female version of James Dean. Designed by fashion powerhouse Michael Kors, the price tag is under $350.00, which is a good deal for a stylish black leather coat. Try pairing this jacket with a tucked in simple white v-neck tee and faded boyfriend jeans with the hem tight-rolled to above the ankle. Push up your jacket sleeves and throw on some trendy high-top sneakers for a look that's casual cool, or juxtapose your casual outfit with a pair of patent leather heels in a bold hue.

Collarless Leather Jacket

If sleek and sophisticated is what you seek, this Collarless Leather Jacket is the right choice. The simple design and no-frills nature of a collarless jacket (available for approximately $300.00) is an ideal pick for petite women since it will never overwhelm them. The cropped fit of this stylish version from LOFT makes it a leg-lengthening option when pairs with fitted pants or a mid-thigh length skirt. Even better, the rich espresso bean hue is neutral enough to go with just about anything in your wardrobe while retaining more visual interest than the typical brown leather jacket.

Styling Tips

Once you've found the perfect petite sized leather coat for your wardrobe, it's time to have fun and create a few outfits.

  • The majority of leather jacket styles above hit at the hip or just below, which is a great length for petite women.
  • Leather coats that are very long can overwhelm a shorter woman's small frame and look too drapey.
  • Most modern cuts for leather jackets are designed to fit snugly at least through the arms, and should fit comfortably close to the body around the back and chest.
  • Be sure to take into consideration the ways you intend to wear your leather jacket - leave a little extra wiggle room if you live in a cold climate where you need to wear sweaters and long sleeves underneath, and go for the snug fit if you're a California girl who needs to throw on her leather jacket over a tee on those 60 degree winter evenings.
  • Consider tailoring. Due to the popularity of the cropped leather jacket, petite women may have luck purchasing a cropped regular size jacket in an extra small or a small. If the sleeves are long, you can easily take it to an upscale tailor and have them shorten the sleeves so it fits like it was made for you. Since a leather jacket is a nice wardrobe investment piece, spending a bit more on tailoring ensures your new purchase will fit like a glove and get plenty of wear - and compliments.

Rocking a Leather Jacket

Being petite doesn't mean you can't rock you favorite fashions. By choosing a style that melds with your personality, fits well, and conveys the look you want, you can look fabulous in this versatile jacket type. From classic to trendy, there are plenty of options to look great in your leather outerwear.

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Petite Leather Coats