Women's Holiday Clothing

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Women's holiday clothing runs the gamut from casual festivity to the height of elegance. What you wear depends a great deal on where you're headed and what you have planned. Most women want to have a variety of holiday wear so that they're always dressed appropriately for the event, whether it's a night of singing carols with neighbors or a formal Christmas ball.

Types of Women's Holiday Clothing

How do you put together the right holiday outfit? Think about the occasion. The holidays are full of parties and festivities, but some are more casual than others. These options in women's holiday fashions will give you some ideas on what to wear when you're enjoying all the seasonal cheer.

  • Casual duds: For a day of baking, shopping, hot cocoa sipping or recovering from a big bash, relax in a holiday sweater, sweater vest or sweatshirt. You'll find plenty of tops featuring Santa, reindeer, candy canes, snowmen and much more. Some women find a sweater covered in elves a little too much, but there are other options, such as plain red, green or plaid shirts. Pin a holiday-themed brooch onto a simple top so that your holiday cheer is evident. Jeans, corduroy slacks, denim skirts and khakis are all perfect pairings.
  • Dressy attire: You need something dressy for a party, but it doesn't have to be all-out glam. Blouses paired with skirts and slacks are a smart choice, and everything doesn't have to be red or green to showcase your holiday spirit. You'll look simply elegant in a white, ruffled organza blouse and black or midnight blue velvet skirt or slacks. Look for dresses featuring sequins, embroidery and appliqués in festive colors and designs.
  • Formal dress: It's the annual formal ball and you need to look smashing. This is the time to pull out all the stops. Formal events typically require women to sport floor-length gowns, but if a tea-length or shorter dress is acceptable, you can look just as chic. Think outside the style box when selecting colors. If forest green is your most flattering shade, then go for it, but a bold, gold dress is just as holiday-ready. Don't forget to accessorize with everything from jewelry to shoes to the right handbag.


For the most style-savvy holiday season, keep these tips in mind:

  • Formals: Many formal wear shops don't take returns, in an effort to prevent shoppers from buying a dress for a fancy occasion, wearing it and then taking it back to get their money. It's a good idea to buy formal wear from a local store. You can try it on for fit and inspect it to make sure it's damage-free.
  • Comfort: All-day shopping trips can be a blast, but not if your clothes or footwear are uncomfortable. You should be able to move freely and not overheat in your holiday duds, so make comfort your top priority when getting dressed for daylong activities.
  • Err toward dressy: It's no fun showing up at the party and finding out you're underdressed. Call ahead and ask your party host what to wear if you're absolutely unsure. If you can't do that, go for dressier rather than less so.

Fun and Festive

Above all else, your women's holiday clothing should reflect your personal style. However, the season is all about having fun and celebrating, so if your kids really want you to wear that snowflake-studded vest, why not grin and enjoy it? After all, the season only comes by once a year. Make the most of it with your holiday apparel, whether it's full of casual goodness perfect for relaxing by a fire, or full of sophisticated wear ready to hit the next gala.

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Women's Holiday Clothing