Women's Cashmere Socks

Ladies cashmere socks

Women's cashmere socks are a true luxury. If you are looking for a way to stay cozy and still own something luxurious, then these soft socks are the perfect pick. And if you can find someone who'd like them as a gift? Even better!

Accessorize Your Outfit

Accessorizing with cashmere socks? It might sound crazy, but you need to dress up your casual, at-home outfits somehow, and when it gets cold outside, it might as well be something practical that's high-quality as well. Cashmere socks are available in a number of lengths and colors, and smart shoppers can certainly find them on sale. Style tips await!

  • Pull on knee-length cashmere socks to wear with a skirt or dress in cooler weather. Top the socks with a pair of knee-high leather boots and let the socks show from the top.
  • Wear thigh-high cashmere socks with a jersey mini-skirt at home. You can also try low cashmere socks with leggings if you want another look for leg coverage. If you're going to be wearing the ensemble to bed, try an off-the-shoulder t-shirt with long socks.
  • Wear cashmere socks under your boots when you're skiing or snowboarding, and if you're going cross-country skiing, you can even try wearing your socks pulled up over athletic leggings.

Can You Give Socks as a Gift or Not?

Socks are a common joke gift, but can they ever be given as a present by a well-meaning individual? Absolutely. People can easily recognize the quality of cashmere, but when giving cashmere socks as gifts, these tips are essential.

  • Get socks that are interesting in some way. Instead of being plain, have them be brightly colored or patterned--not kitschy, but bold nonetheless. Suggested colors are rich jewel tones (eggplant, russet, or forest green) or heathered styles with flecks of white mixed into a light color like lilac or mint green.
  • Consider giving cashmere socks as a tandem gift with another cashmere item. You can give a cozy cashmere-blend top with a soft pair of cashmere socks, for example.
  • Buy socks with a cashmere blend if you are purchasing slippers or casual at-home shoes for someone.
  • Select cashmere socks from a recognizable brand name to improve how your gift is received. Brands like Kiki de Montparnasse, Prada, and Tommy Hilfiger all work well.

Buy Women's Cashmere Socks

Cashmere socks for women are available at any of these online destinations, and many more. Allow these suggestions to be your jumping-off points for a honed collection of accessories.

  • Figleaves is an unexpected place to find cashmere socks, but they do carry a wide variety. Look for slouchier styles in basic colors to pair with intimates and loungewear.
  • Get brightly colored cashmere socks at Revolve, which carries funkier selections. Color combinations that are quite popular are brown and orange, but other options are rich, coordinating colors spun from hard-wearing cashmere.
  • Buy cashmere trouser socks at Barneys New York. While you might expect them to only carry traditional-looking socks, they actually have some more feminine colors like light pink.
  • Kiki de Montparnasse sells over-the-knee socks that are extremely popular. You can get them on Kiki de Montparnasse or on Shopbop.com.
  • Access ASOS.com for stylish cashmere socks with a designer look. ASOS is well-known for their affordable clearance sales, so you should be able to grab a bargain at the right time of the year.
  • Get designer cashmere socks at Saks Fifth Avenue. If you're going to spend more on your cashmere socks, find ones that justify your investment by looking extra long or fancy.

Women's cashmere socks are an unlikely present and an even more unlikely thing for someone to buy on a whim, but when your feet are chilly on a winter's night, cashmere socks will keep your feet warmer. Get a few in rainbow shades and be prepared.

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Women's Cashmere Socks