Ladies Fingerless Gloves

Woman wearing fingerless gloves

Are you wondering how to wear ladies' fingerless gloves the stylish way? As with other accessories, feel free to put your personal spin on these trendy items to create your own look.

About Fingerless Gloves

If you've seen these gloves, you may wonder why anyone would wear them. As the name suggests, they are fingerless and usually leave the wearer's fingers exposed to the elements. Doesn't that contradict the point of gloves?

Women's fashion accessories don't always have to make sense. Remember stirrup pants? Ladies may wear fingerless gloves for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Trends: Accessories come in and out of vogue just as much as other fashions do. When fingerless gloves are all the rage, you may find yourself wishing for a pair, just to be in the fashionable circle. Besides being made of warm material like wool, you'll also find them in lacy varieties that channel Madonna circa the 1980s.
  • Dexterity: If your job consists of a lot of typing and your workplace is on the chilly side, these gloves can actually help. Your hands will be partially covered, while your fingers are still free to type away. They also come in useful for pianists, violinists and other musicians on cool days or nights.
  • Versatility: Not all fingerless gloves are always fingerless. Consider these David & Young Pop Top Mittens: the top folds over to cover the fingers or folds back to leave fingers exposed, so you have two looks in one glove.

Finding Ladies' Fingerless Gloves

You'll typically find these gloves among the trendy accessories, although women of all ages sport them. Check out these retailers for a selection of fingerless gloves to suit you:

  • Nordstrom has several striped, cashmere versions that are sure to add some soft luxuriousness to your fall and winter outfits.
  • Calvin Klein designed a waffle-knit texture pair of gloves done in the brand's signature neutrals.
  • For something light and airy (and very affordable), ModCloth offers a cotton blend set that's perfect for spring and fall's unpredictable temperatures. Lacy and pretty, these fingerless gloves are designed with the feminine fashionista in mind.
  • You're probably familiar with the company's boots, but Ugg also makes fingerless mitts. Lined with ultra-warm shearling and made in basic black, these mitts will keep your hands toasty and stylish.
  • Looking for textural interest? Gap has you covered. A pretty and creamy pair of fingerless gloves will complement a range of Gap fashions; they'll look good with a jeans ensemble as well as your favorite knit dress.


These fingerless gloves are a brand all their own. Wristies can be worn under other gloves and mittens, or they can be worn alone. They're available in several varieties, including heated and lightweight versions.

Making Your Own

For the crafty set, forget about wearing store bought gloves. If you know how to knit and/or crochet, you can whip up your own pair of fingerless gloves in your choice of fiber, color and weight. One of the advantages of such a pattern is that they're usually quick to work up, even when they involve technical aspects like cables or multiple colors.

Find free patterns for making your own fingerless gloves at:

Fashionable Function

While the name may sound oxy-moronic, many women appreciate the versatility of ladies' fingerless gloves. They're available in enough varieties and price points to satisfy the trendy teen as well as her stylish mom.

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Ladies Fingerless Gloves