5 Looks With Flower Fashion Accessories

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Fun Floral Accessory

Flower fashion accessories are fun, bright and have the ability to completely transform any existing outfit. Whether it's a special occasion, or simply lifting an everyday look with a feminine and colorful touch, these accessories are extremely versatile.

5 Great Looks with Flower Accessories

If you've ever wanted to add a flower to your outfit, but weren't sure how to do so, these five looks will lend you some quick and easy ideas.

Festival Hippy

Essential Item: Floral Crown

A simple accessory such as a floral crown or headband can be added to any festival look to achieve a pretty bohemian hippy aesthetic. This look has been around for years on the festival circuit - the likes of Coachella & Glastonbury are perfect destinations for the floral crown because of the spirited nature of this accessory.

The Cassandra floral crown from Flower Gypsies is a perfect example of this accessory. Available for about $35.00, it is a dainty crown on floral twine with small roses (various colors available).

Pair your floral accessory with a printed tea dress, and white lace or crochet number, or even some denim cut-offs and a frilly tank top.

If you can't find a crown or hairband with the right color combination or appearance to suit you and your outfit, don't worry; these are easy to make at home. For a crown, all you need is:

  • A bendy piece of metal wire
  • Fake flowers of your choice from any craft shop
  • Some strong glue

To make the crown, adjust the wire to the right size for your head and affix the flowers in the arrangement of your choice with the glue.

Festival hippy look
Festival Hippy Look

Mother of the Bride or Groom

Essential Item: Fascinator

This one is for all of you gorgeous ladies who have your children's weddings coming up. You have to make sure you don't upstage the bride in any way, but naturally, you want to look fabulous. The photos from this day are going to be re-visited in decades to come, and you want to look back at your outfit fondly.

The best way to complete a mother of the bride or groom outfit is to add a fascinator to your dress or suit. You'll certainly stand out, and your outfit will look complete, with that added glamour that every wedding needs. Be sure to choose your clothing first, and then find a fascinator that coordinates with the color scheme you have chosen.

The hot pink Occasion Fascinator from ASOS for about $16.00 has the wow factor for women who want a bolder color, and can easily be pinned to any hairstyle of your choice. Another option is this pretty designer pale grey fascinator from Coco Fascinators (email for pricing), which is delicate, stylish, and eye-catching without overwhelming your look.

Mother of the bride hat at cocofashions.com
Mother of the Bride or Groom Fascinator

Girls' Night Out

Essential Item: Embroidered Clutch Bag

If you're looking for a flower accessory that is more on the subtle side - then embroidery is the way to go. Many stores have items such as jeans, skirts, and handbags detailed with beautifully intricate floral embroideries.

An embroidered clutch bag or wristlet is the perfect accessory to lift a classic LBD, or make a pair of dark jeans, a pretty top, and heels look a little more dressy.

This Floral Embroidered Wristlet (available at Zappos for about $175.00) comes in a gorgeous black velvet fabric, and is the perfect size to fit all of your valuables in, too. Its bright floral pattern adds a fun, bright touch to a night-out look, and is something you can wear again and again to complete different outfits.

Frances Valentine™ Large Floral Embroidery Zip Wristlet
Floral Embroidery Zip Wristlet

Everyday Chic

Essential Item: Floral Print Scarf

If you ever find yourself getting dressed in the morning, and feel uninspired or unexcited by the clothes you own, this is the perfect look for you.

Floral printed scarves come in a huge variety of colours, prints, and fabrics, and you can find them in most department stores and online. They're so versatile - you can throw one around your neck, or even tie a smaller one onto your handbag to make it look brand new.

This is the perfect way to wear the floral trend without feeling overwhelmed - and you will be able to find one to suit whatever budget you're shopping to. Check out the beautiful floral garden print scarf by Calvin Klein, available at Lord and Taylor for about $40.00, for a perfect everyday chic style. The lightweight scarf is done in a pretty light pink, rose, and white floral pattern.

Woman wearing floral print scarf
Everyday Style
Hula girl
Luau Look

Have Fun with Floral Accessories

Whatever you do, don't forget that fashion is meant to be fun. Experiment with different looks, and find what works best for you. Flower fashion accessories are so versatile, inexpensive, and easy to find, it's easy to try one out for a new look.

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5 Looks With Flower Fashion Accessories