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Women's Mock Turtleneck Tops

Donna Cosmato
Women's Mock Turtleneck Tops

If you are looking for an inexpensive garment to add versatility to your wardrobe, consider a women's mock turtleneck top. They layer beautifully or make a fashion statement all on their own. Choose from a rainbow palette of colors - bold to subtle - and mix and match textures to create a signature style.

What Is a Mock Turtleneck?

Mock turtlenecks feature a low, loose-fitting collar that does not turn over. Turtlenecks have high, close-fitting collars that turn over to form a self-fabric cuff. Many women find a mock neck to be more comfortable and less constrictive than a traditional turtleneck. The only downside is the neckline may droop or gap slightly because there is less fabric and the fit is looser.

Mock Turtleneck Top Basics

Just as there is a wide range of colors from which to choose, there are many types of women's mock tops. These turtlenecks are available in sleeveless, short sleeve, or long sleeve styles, and come in misses to plus sizes. Choose from a traditional cut with some fit to the body or newer styles that are cut for a more relaxed or generous fit.

These multipurpose tops are available in a wide range of fabrics like:

  • Jersey
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Blends of the above fabrics

Dark colors are more slimming, especially if worn as part of an overall monochromatic color scheme. However, individuals with an hourglass or pear-shaped figure may want to use these turtlenecks to inject bold punches of color by layering them under suit jackets or blazers. Wear these tops untucked or tucked in, depending on one's body style and the desired look.

Look through your closet to identify layering possibilities for mock tops. These fashions look great under vests, cardigans, or blazers, but they are just as effective when used as stand-alone pieces to top a great pair of cargo pants or a skinny pencil skirt. For a quick but classy look, top a shiny black leather skirt with a black mock top. Add a simple pearl necklace and earrings, along with knee-high boots, and you are ready to rock.

Accessorize Women's Mock Turtleneck Tops

Mock turtlenecks are the perfect blank canvas attire, so you can have fun accessorizing them with various pieces of jewelry. Depending on how you wear the top and what type of jewelry you choose, you can create a look that is classically elegant or trendy and edgy.

Shop in your jewelry box for a long or rope necklace, and use it to accessorize your tops in a variety of ways:

  1. Let it hang, or tie it into a knot to create a visual focal point.
  2. Wrap it in several layers around the neck to accent a slender neckline.
  3. Use a long rope of pearls for a classic look.

Other necklaces, like bib or drop necklaces, create a slimming vertical line that draws the eye upward. This is particularly helpful if you have a round face, as a mock neck can make that type of face look even rounder.

You can use other pieces of jewelry in a similar manner. For instance, chandelier or long drop earrings slim the face; combine with a drop necklace to create a slimming silhouette over the turtleneck. Clip earrings can secure a scarf wrapped loosely around the neck of the top. Rhinestone encrusted bracelets or funky, chunky Lucite bracelets add a pop of glitz to an otherwise neutral top.

Other Ways to Accessorize

Jewelry is not the only way to accessorize these tops. Belts are a great fashion accessory and can mix and match with a variety of tops. Women with round or apple body shapes should opt for smaller belts for accent pieces, while women with pear or hourglass figures can use wider belts.

Scarves just might be the ultimate accessory because of the endless variety they add to a wardrobe. Tie a scarf around the neck of a mock top, drape over the shoulder, or use as a belt. Top a mock turtleneck with a pashmina shawl for additional warmth, or wrap the shawl low on the hip line of the garment to create a bohemian style look.

Where to Buy

You can find women's mock turtlenecks at retail stores, women's specialty shops, or online. Check out the selections at these fine stores:

Land's End offers a full range of mock tops in three different cuts: traditional, relaxed, or generous. Price points are affordable, and their satisfaction guarantee is legendary in the apparel industry.

L.L.Bean also offers an excellent customer satisfaction guarantee, and their selection is wide and deep in colors, styles, and sizes.

If you prefer to do some comparison-shopping before you make your final selection, Amazon provides access to a wide range of vendors for this apparel. Compare prices and styles, and then just click and purchase.

Mix and Match

A women's mock turtleneck top offers endless possibilities to mix and match and allow your wardrobe to span many seasons by creating various cute outfits. For instance, the sleeveless mock top worn under your winter blazer will look just as stunning when paired with summer shorts or jeans. From the standpoint of budget friendliness, a closet full of this fashionable attire just might be a girl's best friend.

Women's Mock Turtleneck Tops