Lace Tank Tops

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Lace tank tops add femininity to any outfit, and there are several ways to wear them. In addition, a lace tank top is a layering option that can help keep you comfortable when you'd rather not layer your shirts at all, so they're functional as well as pretty.

The Variety of Lace Tank Tops

There is quite an assortment of options when it comes to lace tops. You can layer them on top of simple camis, under another shirt for a hint of lace, or wear them on their own as long as there's a lining attached. There are options like:

  • Lined, with lace all over
  • Unlined, with lace all over
  • Racerback
  • Scoop neck
  • Lace trim
  • Cropped
  • Tunic length
  • Stretch

The Old Navy Lace Yoke Top has lace trim around the neckline. While you could show a peek of lace by wearing this under a button-up shirt, cardigan, or shrug, the additional lace along the armholes may inspire you to wear it alone with your favorite pair of jeans, shorts, or a skirt. A similar style can also be found at Macy's, from Charter Club.

The Style & Co Lace Top from Macy's has lace on display from neck to hem, and you can mix up your look since it comes in either black or white, which of course match everything.

To check out a wide selection of every type of lace tank out there and see where to buy them, take a look at Polyvore's collection.

How to Wear Them

How you wear a lace tank top depends entirely on the style, the event, and how much skin you're willing to show.

  • Lace trim: Tanks with lace trim can be worn alone in almost any situation except for work. For work, toss on a cardigan or structured jacket or blazer. These tend to be very casual, so they're great for weekends. However, you can dress them up with a pair of great-fitting pants and heels for a night out, too. Lace trim is a good pick if you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl but you want something a little more feminine than the basic t-shirt or ribbed cotton tank. It won't take as much thought to get ready as it would if you were to wear an unlined lace tank, but you still get that "girly" look.
  • Lace with no lining: When you have a lace tank top with no lining, you'll want something underneath unless you intend to save it for the bedroom and use it as lingerie. A simple camisole can do the trick. Choose a color that is similar to that of the lace or go for stark contrast, like hot pink under black lace. If your lace tank is long, another option is to wear a shirt on top. It's your choice whether to show any lace at the top along the upper chest, but a hint of lace peeking out from under the hem of a slightly shorter shirt can add an interesting, sexy twist to an outfit.
  • Lace with lining: Lace tops with lining are very versatile, but you still won't want to wear them to work. Wear them alone with shorts, a skirt, or pants on the weekends or out at night, or in the very least, wear them under something else with just a hint of lace peeking out at the neckline or from below the hem of a shorter shirt.
  • Tiers and ruffles: Lace tanks that have tiers of lace or ruffles tend to be lined. You won't want to layer them too much because you'll just be adding bulk. However, if you want to tone down some of the bulk the tiers and ruffles create, you can always pair a dark-colored fitted blazer on top. That will draw the eye vertically along the body and create a slimming effect, rather than take the eye horizontally across the width of the body. Girls who wish they had more curves will love wearing lace-tiered tops with nothing layered on top.

Lace tank tops can be very feminine. For balance, you may not want to wear your all-lace top with your flirtiest skirt. Instead, try something with a more masculine cut. Jeans work. So do simple, no-frills skirts (A-line and pencil styles work well). By contrast, if you have a ribbed tank top with a just a bit of lace detailing around the neckline and armholes, you may want to play up that femininity by pairing it with a voluminous skirt.

Where to Shop

Any major department store or big-box store will generally have at least a small selection of lace tops. It's usually easier to find them in the spring and summer, but some styles may still be available in the winter as layering options under more substantial clothing. Try:

Versatile and pretty, tanks with lace are a great piece for any woman's wardrobe. From simple and casual looks to outfit ideas that are dressed-up and feminine, you'll find plenty of ways to wear this type of top.

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Lace Tank Tops