Ladies' Corporate Wear

Ladies' Corporate Wear

Ladies' corporate wear, or business work uniforms, are separates especially designed for companies that want to provide a unified corporate identity. Airline flight attendants, for instance, present a polished look in their corporate clothing. Many real estate companies use corporate apparel, like blazers, to identify their personnel.

Benefits of Ladies' Corporate Wear

There are many reasons why businesses of any size can benefit from investing in ladies' corporate wear:

  1. Because these are off-the-rack garments, there is a ready inventory of items, so new employees can get their attire quickly.
  2. The corporation has a consistent look in terms of colors and styles.
  3. The individual pieces are sold as separates, thus providing a full range of sizes for any body type.
  4. Garments are wash and wear, making them convenient and affordable.
  5. Basic pieces can be mixed and matched to form endless ensemble combinations.
  6. Whether the corporate culture is traditional business or corporate casual, there is a style and color to complement it.
  7. The clothing provides instant corporate recognition; it is like a living business card.

Types of Corporate Wear

Business work uniforms are available in traditional wardrobe staples like slacks, blouses, jackets, shirts, and vests. Within these categories, a manufacturer may provide styling details like longer jacket lengths or various fits to cater to the needs of their individual clients. Color choices are typically more limited than for other types of apparel - black, navy, gray, and red are most popular - but like every rule, there are some exceptions.

Where to Buy Corporate Clothing

Many businesses choose to incorporate only a jacket into the work wardrobe. You can find various styles of jackets at Blazer Depot, where there are over a dozen colors from which to choose in a well-fitting women's blazer for less than fifty dollars.

For those who desire complete outfits versus just a jacket, Imagemakers could be your go-to source. They offer a full range of mix and match separates, and provide an online tutorial to teach you how to combine your garments to create multiple outfits using just a few key pieces.

Career Clothing's line is compact but complete: choose from jackets, slacks, skirts, and tops in basic colors. The size range accommodates women and plus sizes.

How to Shop for Business Uniforms

Smart shoppers know the value of sticking to solid colors for their work attire. Lightweight fabrics like gabardine or cotton blends provide yearlong comfort, and wear well over time. Avoid flirty, trendy details and embellishments that could date a garment. Match jacket lengths to your body style rather than following fashion trends, and choose a style with a waistline to define your figure and avoid the boxy look.

How to Care for Corporate Clothing

Take care of your ladies' corporate wear, and get the maximum return on your investment. For example, if you take your jacket off, fold it inside out with the lining showing, and lay it down or drape it over a chair. If something spills, the stain will be on the jacket lining and not the jacket. Always dry clean matching items together to protect the colors and control the wear rate. Hang your items when not in use - turn the jacket inside out to let air circulate - and keep pieces together for ease of dressing. Dry clean only when necessary, and use a steamer to refresh garments between wearing.

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Ladies' Corporate Wear