Women's Brooks Brothers Cardigan

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A women's Brooks Brothers cardigan is more than a basic sweater to be layered over blouses and tank tops, since it can be worn at any time of the year, with almost any item under the sun. Your future Brooks Brothers cardigan happens to be a wardrobe staple of many, and there are good reasons why. Keep on reading to learn why you should own a soft cardigan from this longstanding and popular American label.

A Bit About Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818 by Henry Sands Brooks, and it holds the distinction as the first ready-to-wear destination in the United States. Today, Brooks Brothers is still proudly made in the United States, and frequently offers sales for people looking for work essentials, home basics, and home-to-office separates.

Brooks Brothers Cardigans

Women's cardigans from this classic American label have several features that many women appreciate: a long torso fit, decorative options on dressier pieces, intuitive colorways, and fabric options like cashmere and silk.

  • Argyle sweaters: Brooks Brothers argyle sweaters include the traditional ones as well as more graphically appealing, modern styles. These sweaters are available in tonal color combinations, pastels, and black-and-white combinations. They feature small, virtually unnoticeable buttons.
  • Boyfriend sweaters: Boyfriend sweaters at Brooks Brothers have the silhouette of a man's sweater, but every detail is slightly shrunken to match a women's smaller silhouette. Boyfriend sweaters at this label's website are also available with nautical-inspired details, like white stripes along the arms and hemline.
  • Silk-blend cardigans: Silk-blend cardigans lie beautifully against the body, since silk has a gorgeous drape both by itself and when combined with other materials. Brooke Brothers' fine silk-blend cardigans are slim in shape and flattering in cut, and they often go on sale in the wintertime near the end of the year.
  • Extra-long cardigan sweaters: Best worn with a belt and a skinny bottom, extra-long cardigan sweaters at this label are elegant and finely executed. Brooks Bothers stocks cardigan sweaters with an extra-long silhouette in designs like argyle and solid colors, too.
  • V-neck: A deep V-neck on your cardigan is highly flattering, and a matching set is something that is frequently available from this label. Look for yours from Brooks Brothers with simple stripes around the neckline, hemline, and cuffs.

Tips on Sweater Care

Sweater care isn't just washing a knit on cold and air drying it. Cashmere sweaters, which Brooks Brothers carries, can last for decades with the proper care. If you invest in a high-quality sweater, you might as well make sure that it lasts for as long as it is supposed to.

  • Keep in mind that you can get your Brooks Brother sweater dry cleaned if you are not familiar with caring for high-quality knits.
  • Avoid getting disappointed by a hand-washed sweater with flattened fluff. Toss your already-dry sweater in a no-heat drying cycle to help the pile "bloom."
  • Know that higher-quality cashmere in light colors never yellows. If you want to buy white cashmere, buying it from Brooks Brothers will ensures that it stays snowy. Only lower-quality cashmere yellows with age.

Buy a Women's Brooks Brothers Cardigan

When you're shopping for a Brooks Brothers sweater, of course the first place to go is their website. They have exclusive discounts as seasons wear on that help shoppers save, and the discounts are substantial. After you check out the official website, you can find off-season pieces at eBay--but caveat emptor, of course.

While known for its suits and suiting separates, Brooks Brothers has quite the collection of sweater options for the female shopper. Even if you find that this label is a little more expensive than what you usually buy, the classic silhouette will make each piece last for a very long time. Making an investment with pieces like a women's Brooks Brothers cardigan is possible when you shop for a label like this one at the right times in the season.

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Women's Brooks Brothers Cardigan