Small Feminine Tattoos

Girly girl

Many women begin their venture into the world of body art by indulging in small feminine tattoos. Whether you are looking to get one small tattoo or to decorate your entire body with several tattoos, you can find a vast array of suitable designs.

First Tattoos

Feminine Star

For some women, their first tattoo is the only tattoo they will ever get. Tattoos are much more socially acceptable in present day than they were in years passed, so women who may never have dreamed of getting a tattoo are now flocking to parlors to pick out small feminine tattoos. Tattoo parlors accommodate these women by offering many designs which are considered feminine:

  • Flowers
  • Fairies
  • Stars
  • Cartoon characters
  • Angels
  • Jewels

If there is another design that you have in mind, you can take your idea to a tattoo artist, who will then attempt to sketch it out to your liking.

Body Placement

Heart tattoo

The great thing about small tattoos is that they can be placed on just about any part of the body, including discrete areas which may not be easily viewed. For this reason, small feminine tattoos might be an ideal solution for a woman who wants a design which will exude femininity, yet be placed somewhere on the body which is not usually revealed while wearing clothes.

Small tattoos also complement other body parts quite well. If you are thinking of placing a tattoo in full view, then a wrist, neck, or ankle can accommodate something small. Many women like the idea of a dainty flower or other colorful design peeking out as an expression of femininity or even as an expression of rebellion.

Cutesy and Small Feminine Tattoos

There is a fine line between feminine tattoos and cutesy tattoos. As with any tattoo, you need to remember that this should be considered permanent, and therefore you should think long and hard before adorning your forearm with a tattoo of Strawberry Shortcake, for example. Keep in mind that images you hold dear right now may not be quite so dear to you years down the road. Try to choose a feminine tattoo that has real significance to you.


Some people get tattoos as a tribute to another person or event. The so-called tattoo curse states that placing someone's name on your body in a permanent tattoo dooms the relationship. If you still feel compelled to get a feminine tattoo in a show of romantic love, then you may want to choose a small tattoo which is symbolic of the person or thing you are doing a tribute to. For example, if your nickname for your husband is "Sunshine" then you might want to get a small sunshine tattoo instead of getting his actual name scrawled on your body.

Of course, not everyone puts much stock into the tattoo curse, so if your heart is set on getting someone's name as a tattoo, then don't allow this myth to deter you. You can also accentuate the name by choosing a feminine font and by adorning the name with feminine details, such as flower petals or stars.

Feminine Symbols

Embrace Femininity

Tattoo parlors generally do a good job of keeping plenty of feminine designs on hand for people to choose from. Getting a tattoo does not mean that you are any less feminine, as long as you choose a design which complements your female mystique.To ensure that the tattoo you choose does not make you feel masculine be sure to:

  • Choose a design which you find appealing and that is also feminine
  • Consider placing the tattoo on a part of your body which is not readily visible
  • Keep the size of the tattoo small

Of course, there are plenty of women with tattoos covering a good portion of their bodies who feel just as feminine as women who have tiny tattoos in hidden places. How you feel regarding your tattoo has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself as a woman.

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Small Feminine Tattoos