Marriage Symbols Tattoos

A pair of doves is a traditional marriage symbol.

Are you looking for marriage symbols tattoos? Many tattoo enthusiasts consider both traditional and more eclectic symbols to express the powerful bond of marriage through their body art. Some may even go as far as to get ring tattoos in place of the more formal wedding ring. For others, symbols designed to honor marriage and its institutions are preferred.

What Are Symbols of Marriage?

Marriage is a legal and often religious bond between two people. For some, marriage is a spiritual event that connects two souls. For others, marriage is not the end all and be all for a relationship. However you feel about the institution, many symbols in our common day lives represent marriage. A few of those symbols include:

  • The wedding ring or band
  • Double hearts
  • Butterflies
  • Unity candle
  • Birds (especially doves)
  • The infinity symbol
  • Bride and groom images

While these symbols are by no means an all-inclusive list, many of the most unique wedding symbols are symbols that are based on the union between two particular people. In other words, they are tattoos unique to the wearer, such as ink based around a major event or tradition in the relationship. Other popular wedding symbol tattoos are more abstract, such as two circles meeting in the middle.

Marriage Symbols Tattoos

Looking for a few ideas for marriage symbol tattoos you can ink? Before deciding on a pattern, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. If you're looking for ideas before marriage, is this something you really want? With the modern divorce rate so high, you don't want to be left with a tattoo that no longer has any meaning. If you're married already, do you know how your partner feels about the tattoo? Some people are adverse to tattoos no matter how rich in personal meaning they may be. It's always best to talk the situation over with your spouse before you decide on a tattoo.
  2. Why do you want the tattoo? By answering this question, you may find yourself with a good idea of the tattoo you'd want to get.
  3. Do you want to include your partner's name in the design? Many wedding ink designs can include the name of both partners. While some people are attracted to the idea of using actual names, others are turned off by it. Decide what you think ahead of time.

Design and Placement Ideas

Wedding rings design

Have you decided to go ahead look into getting wedding ink? Here are a few suggestions:

  • The rings: Wedding rings are always rich in menaing. One option is to get a wedding band tattoo on your ring finger in place of where you would wear a traditional wedding ring. If this isn't the option for you, consider getting either a single wedding ring or the image of two wedding rings on a personal area on the body, such as the hip or even the sternum. You may even want to place the tattoo some place you can see it often, such as a band across your wrist.
  • Champagne glasses: Another traditional symbol of marriage is two Champagne flutes tilted toward one another as they are during wedding toasts. Though simple, the ink would go great in any area you want to add a balanced tattoo, like between the shoulder blades.
  • The infinity symbol: A bit quirky, the infinity symbol obviously symbolizes eternity, and this makes it an apt wedding symbol. The symbol pattern works anywhere from the lower back or neck the upper arm or ankle.
  • Vows: Particular to the wearer, a wedding vow tattoo can be a sweet way of symbolizing marriage. A brief snippet of a vow or even just the words "I do" can be inked on your finger or anywhere else you desire. Be unique, and pick a vow you feel strongly about. You might even want to get the date of your marriage tattooed.

A Final Thought

While some people may have different opinions about marriage tattoos, remember that this is your tattoo and your relationship. As long as you and your spouse are happy with the design, that's all the really matters.

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Marriage Symbols Tattoos