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Flower designs are a popular tattoo choice for both men and women. Flower tats can range from a simple to elaborate creations. Whether you opt for a realistic flower design or a more abstract rendition, there many possibilities to choose from.

Simple and Discreet


If you are new to tattooing, consider a small flower design to begin with, and place it in a discreet location. That way, you won't feel stuck with a tat that you can't cover up if you find that you ultimately don't like it. The shoulder, lower back and hip are popular placement locations for simple flower tattoos.

Bold and Bright Colors


Flowers can be done in a range of colors. Bold, bright colors such as purple, pink, red and yellow are often used for tattoos and make the flower design pop and come to life.

Basic Black Ink


For a subtle design, consider a flower tattoo done in just black ink. Black ink tattoos are a classic that remains popular for both men and women. In addition to basic black, some flower tattoos are done in grey scale for a more detailed effect.

Classic Floral Design


Many women choose a classic flower design for their tattoo. A classic flower image can represent the transition from being a girl to a woman. It can also represent a rebirth and a new beginning.

Symbolic Rose


Roses can hold a special meaning for those who choose to have one done as a tattoo. This popular flower can symbolize love, passion and commitment as well as healing and courage. The color of the rose can also hold a special message. For example, a red rose is a symbol of true love, white roses represent loyalty, black can symbolize death or mourning and yellow roses are symbolic of friendship and new beginnings.

Spiritual Symbol


A sunflower tattoo can be a symbol of ambition, wealth and good fortune. This flower also is symbolic of spiritual attainment and opportunity. This type of flower tat is often drawn with the large flower head extending upward to the sun.

Personal Sentiment


Since there are a variety of flower tattoo options to choose from, a flower tattoo can be designed to hold special meaning and sentiment for the person receiving it. With so many possibilities, it can be difficult deciding on a single design. You may find that once you get one floral tat that the desire to add more follows close behind!

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Flower Design Gallery