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Slimming Swimsuits

Slimming Swimsuits

As beach season approaches, women everywhere search for slimming swimsuits that flatter and enhance their figures. The right features can make anyone look stunning in a bathing suit. Slimming swimsuits can mean… Keep reading »

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Cute Bikinis

Swimwear options for women are as diverse as women themselves, with styles for every body type and personality. By focusing on your needs, you can find a style that seamlessly fits into your pool or beach lifestyle. LoveToKnow is a trusted resource where you can get the information you need to make the best selection, whether you're looking for a bathing suit or a beach towel dress or other flattering cover-up garment.

Choosing the Right Swimsuit

The key to looking great and feeling even better in the swimsuit you select lies with making a selection that fits properly and flatters your figure to its greatest advantage.

Expert Advice

Find out what the experts have to say by reviewing exclusive interviews with industry leaders:

Body Shape Considerations

Not every swimsuit looks terrific on every body shape and skin tone. Discover what you need to know to show off your figure and complexion.

Make a Wise Selection

No matter what your body shape, skin tone, or swimsuit preference, you'll make the best shopping selection if you arm yourself with helpful information before you hit the stores. Visit LoveToKnow every time you're ready to look for a new swimsuit, just to see what new expert information and helpful hints the editorial team has found for you to use!

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