Fashionable and Functional Sun Hats

Kangol Sheer Diva Straw Hat
Kangol Sheer Diva

A fabulous sun hat can be the perfect finishing piece to your summer ensemble. This sassy little accessory perched on top of your head can do more than just make you look fashionable. During the summer season, temperatures in many regions can be downright dangerous, so you have to be smart about protecting yourself whenever you plan to be outdoors. In addition to wearing sunscreen, you can protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun and stay a little cooler simply by wearing a hat.

Styles of Fashionable Sun Hats

The most effective sun hats need to cover the top of your skull for best protection from direct sunshine. Most styles of sun hats have a brim around them to provide extra shade that will keep the sun off your face, eyes, and the back of your neck. A brim width of three to four inches is sufficient for the task. When shopping for a hat, make sure it provides some ventilation. Some hats have built-in mesh openings to let the breeze pass through. Other styles are a bit more open weave in construction, and allow a decent amount of air flow. Some fun yet functional sun hat styles to check out include:

Wide Brim Sun Hats

A wide brim sun hat is a classic style that can add a touch of glamour while helping to keep you cool in the sun. These hats are ideal to wear while lounging by the pool or as a fashionable accessory on a hot, summer day. You can find sun hats with straw or cotton brims and in a range of sizes. These hats can be worn by women of all ages and are easily found at department stores, beach stores and online. Some stylish wide brim sun hats include:

San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Braid Hat
San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Braid Hat
  • Kangol Sheer Diva: This straw hat is cute and stylish. It features a padded interior sweatband as well as a pinched crown and wide brim with three contrasting stripes. This style is available in beige and rosemary and comes in sizes small, medium and large. It is priced under $60.

  • San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Braid Brim Hat (pictured): This hat is done in a stunning and dramatic style that is sure to turn heads. It is unique in that it is constructed from a crushable material that can be pulled out of your bag and worn without looking crushed. It features white and black stripes and an adjustable sizing tie. The brim measures seven inches, providing the ultimate in sun protection. This hat comes in one size only and is priced around $40.

Baseball Caps

Crochet Baseball Cap
Crochet Baseball Cap

For a sporty look while out in the sun, try a baseball cap. These caps come in endless styles from solid colors to those featuring a team or brand logo. Baseball hats are the perfect accessory to wear during a summer activity such as boating or golf and easily stay put on your head. For women with longer hair, put your hair in a ponytail and pull the ponytail through the cap's back loop for a fun style. You can find baseball hats year-round at just about anywhere from your local sporting goods store to the mall and of course online. Some fun caps to consider are:

  • Crochet Baseball Cap (pictured): This cute cap is ideal to wear during the hotter months of summer. The crochet design keeps your head cool while keeping you looking feminine. This cap is available in one size only and comes in colors such as white, tan, blue and pink. It is priced around $20.
  • Nike Women's Adjustable Hat: This sporty hat is made from a moisture-wicking fabric designed to keep you cool on hot days. It comes in white or red with the Nike logo on the front. It is available in one size fits most. This hat can be adjusted, making for a custom fit. In addition, the hat features interior tape to keep it in place and a black under-bill to reduce glare. This hat is priced around $25.

Bucket Hats

Coolibar Reversible Bucket Hat
Reversible Bucket Hat

Bucket hats or fisherman hats are a fun accessory for summer. These hats are designed to be breathable and stay put on your head while protecting your head from the heat of the sun. Bucket hats are fun for younger women or anyone looking for a hat that can hold up to a range of summer activities. Whether you are fishing, riding a bike or going for a hike, a bucket hat is the ideal choice. Most outdoor and sporting good stores carry a selection of bucket hats. You can also find them online. Some styles to consider include:

  • Reversible Bucket Hat (pictured): This hat gives you two options in one. It comes in S/M or L/XL and in colors such as stone/navy, pink/white, tan/white and navy/dark khaki. It features a three-inch brim and an elastic draw cord for a custom fit. it is made from a quick drying fabric treated with titanium dioxide for ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 50+ sun protection. This hat is priced around $30.
  • Scala Raw-Edge Bucket Hat: This fun bucket hat comes in white, blue and black and in one-size-fits-most. It features UPF 50+ sun protection and is fully lined and done in a blend of linen and cotton. It has a raw-edge brim and a beaded band on the crown. This hat is priced around $20.

Double Duty Performance

Not only are sun hats important as part of your overall sun protection plan, they also look terrific on women of all ages who enjoy wearing them too. What are you waiting for? Start looking for sun hats in your favorite stores or online before the best ones are all picked over.

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Fashionable and Functional Sun Hats