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Sleeveless Mock Turtlenecks

Donna Cosmato
Woman wearing a green mock turtleneck

Give your winter wardrobe a spring makeover by adding a few sleeveless mock turtlenecks in on-trend colors like poppy orange or chartreuse. Versatile tops like these change the entire look of an outfit in seconds and offer a wide variety of mix-and-match opportunities for creating unlimited ensembles.

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between a mock turtleneck and a regular turtleneck, it is really quite simple. Mock turtlenecks are usually about one to one-and-a-half inches tall and made of soft fabrics that caress rather than constrict the neck. Turtlenecks feature a long strip of fabric that can be rolled down to conceal the neck, but the fabric is usually somewhat tight and constrictive.

Sleeveless turtlenecks differ from tank tops in the cut of the armhole. The armholes of tank tops are cut to reveal more of the shoulder and arms, while sleeveless tops reveal just the arms. A sleeveless top, like a mock turtleneck, is typically considered more modest than a tank top.

Fabric Choices

The textiles used for mock tops are typically blends of fibers that create a soft, comfortable fabric. Some common mock top fabrics are:

  • Cotton interlock knits
  • Stretch knits
  • Jersey
  • Silk
  • Rayon and polyester blends
  • Rayon and Lycra spandex® blends
  • Silk and nylon blends

Many manufacturers add a touch of Lycra spandex® to textile blends to create fabrics that skim over the body without clinging but have enough stretch and elasticity to hold their shape over the long term of wearing and laundering

How to Wear Mock Sleeveless Turtlenecks

Mock tops are classic layering staples that never go out of style and allow you to reinvent your wardrobe inexpensively each season by adding a few new tops in whatever the current fashion color might be. Use them underneath jackets and other tops to dress up or down an outfit to suit the occasion. For instance, a brightly colored mock top paired with a pencil skirt and coordinated jacket is perfect office attire. By adding inexpensive touches like a statement necklace and earrings or trendy shoes, you can create an on-trend designer look for pennies.

Sleeveless mock tops add warmth when worn underneath other tops, but they are ideal stand-alone garments for warmer weather. Use them as strategic layering pieces to pair with slacks, jeans or any type of skirt or use them under sleeveless dresses and jumpers for some added coverage and modesty.

Shop for Mock Tops

Getting a perfect fit in tops is usually easier than with some other garments as most manufacturers make them in either regular, relaxed or generous styles. Some trendy designer details to look for are embellishments like keyhole or crossover draped necklines. If you like to shop online, browse through the selection at retailers like these:

  • Pumpkin Creek Clothing: If you are looking for a basic sleeveless mock top at an affordable price, your search is over. Choose from a wide selection of staple colors at price points under $10.
  • Lord and Taylor: Basic black makes this ribbed mock top a must-have fashion accessories that will pair up with a multitude of other garments.
  • NorthStyle: These mock tops come in a variety of colors and are made in a washable rayon blend knit for ultimate comfort.

Save Money on Sleeveless Tops

Save a tremendous amount of money by shopping for sleeveless mock turtlenecks off-season, especially at off-price stores that need to turn over their inventories more frequently. Stock up on classic, all-season colors like white, black, navy, tan, and red, or invest in a few electric colors to brighten up your wardrobe. Buying off-season could save you up to 75 percent off retail, so you can afford to purchase some trendy colors or fabrics.

Sleeveless Mock Turtlenecks