Wholesale Cosmetics

Buying in bulk can save you money.

Wholesale cosmetics are fantastic for two different kinds of people. Those who are fanatical about the latest trends in makeup and skincare, and for those who are interested in looking good without making a big fuss. In other words, they are perfect for everyone.

Wholesale cosmetics are a great value because with all of society's pressure for women to look good, we could spend a fortune trying! With the wholesale option, we still have money left over to actually go out in public and have fun with the makeup on.

What Is Wholesale?

Wholesale simply means two things: bigger and cheaper. The price is extremely close to the cost a retailer would have paid when purchasing it. You do not have the sticker markup traditionally found within department stores and traditional makeup counters. The item is often sold in larger quantities or the wholesale product may be a larger size than you would find in the drugstore or boutique.

Where To Find Wholesale Cosmetics

The Internet

With a simple inquiry to the Google gods, you can find a multitude of websites devoted to selling makeup at wholesale quantities and prices. A great website to look at is Salvage Exporter which has a huge selecton of wholesale cosmetics from MAC, Cover Girl, Stila Cosmetic, Jane, Clinique, and handfulls more. This is in-depth resourse to jump start your wholesale beauty shopping.

Wholesale Stores

While you won't find nearly as good quality here, there are a lot of wholesale stores that carry cosmetics. Does your town have a Dollar Store or some sort of Beauty Supply shop? Obviously the Beauty Supply shop will carry more brands and better quality than the Dollar Store, but the Dollar Store will charge you even less. It just depends what you are looking for and the quality you expect. Either way, these two types of stores are fantastic to find makeup at bargain prices.

Wholesale Warehouses

Costco, Sam's Club, and a myriad of others are Wholesale Warehouses that sell products in large quantities to businesses. Many places of employment give you the opportunity to become a member to these warehouses, then you can flash your membership card at the door to obtain access to a consumer's dream.

These warehouses specialize in the "bigger is better" mentality and you will be able to get a decent selection of shampoos, skincare, and makeup in larger sizes than you would at a regular store. You can save a significant amount of money if you are fully committed to one product and you can hunt it down at a wholesale warehouse.

The Risks of Wholesale

Buying wholesale cosmetics is a relatively easy and safe thing to do, but there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of.

Beware Of The Knockoffs

Some "wholesale" goods are cheap because they are not the real thing. It is easy for a store to make a mock-up or an imitation of a popular product and many times people won't realize the difference. Check the packaging carefully and see if it looks real. Also check your sources. If something is at an unbelievably low price, chances are it just may be that - not believable. Getting affordable cosmetics is great, but don't allow yourself to get cheated.

Be Aware Of The Validity Of The Store

Know where your money is going. Is there a possibility that the goods being sold at wholesale are stolen? While less common with cosmetics than electronics or jewelery, it is still important to ask where the products came from and to use your intuition when shopping.

The Deceptive Internet

Ordering wholesale cosmetics on the Internet is a challenge because you don't get to see the product physically before you pay for it. With sites like eBay and others allowing stock photo usage, there can be a standard bait and switch. Be sure to use reputable sites and ask around to discover which ones are best. Internet ratings and seller approval programs can help too. You don't want to be stuck with a defective or partially used product because you didn't take the time to see who you are actually buying from.

Wholesale cosmetics are a great way to get more makeup for your dollar and to have fun trying new things without spending a fortune. It's also great for those who are in a rut (and like it that way!) and want to buy bigger containers of their favorite lipstick, foundation, or skincare. There is only one way to discover if the wholesale scene is for you. Try it out!


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Wholesale Cosmetics