What Stores Sell ELF Cosmetics?

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Launched in 2004 and led by the very creative CEO Scott Vincent Borba, e.l.f. cosmetics continues to be a pioneer in the budget beauty category. Priced at a mere one dollar for most beauty and cosmetics staples, e.l.f. cosmetics is one of the first large makeup companies to rely on customer loyalty to offset low profits. Is it any wonder that so many fans want to know which stores sell these innovative cosmetics?

What Stores Sell e.l.f Cosmetics?

While the saying you get what you pay for may hold true for most purchases, e.l.f cosmetics can challenge that theory with their complete line of face, body and grooming tools. The innovation and quality behind e.l.f. cosmetics makes them one of the most sought after budget beauty lines.

With the internet abuzz with reviews and recommendations from beauty experts and hobbyists, it's no wonder so many beauty mavens are wondering what stores sell e.l.f cosmetics.

If you want to test out the quality of e.l.f. cosmetics, you can explore a variety of their products at the same local drugstores and big box superstores that sell most major cosmetic lines. E.l.f displays are often located on the end caps of aisles rather than in-between big lines such as Maybelline or L'Oreal, however store inventory is subject to vary.

Stores That Usually Stock e.l.f.

Some stores may stock a few rows of e.l.f. staples, while other locations may have large stock including a variety of body products. The following suppliers generally stock a moderate to large amount of e.l.f inventory:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Large chain grocery stores and specialty drugstores

Check Discount Stores

While large retailers are the best bet for a full array of inventory, small discount stores may stock e.l.f cosmetics. Check out local Big Lots, Dollar Tree or Dollar Store chains as well as other bargain resellers for e.l.f cosmetics. Availability will be hit or miss, so keep on the lookout and stock up on your favorites when possible.


To find e.l.f cosmetics in your local area, be sure to visit their store locator and find a retailer from their product website. Or, shop online for e.l.f cosmetics at Amazon.com, Walgreens.com or Ulta.com . Contrary to previous rumors, Nordstrom has not bought e.l.f cosmetics nor do they sell the line in their retail locations.

What to Buy

Once you've found e.l.f. cosmetics, you may be wondering what to buy. The following budget-friendly list of top rated e.l.f. products will help you determine which budget bargains are must-haves for your cosmetic bag.

  • Luscious Liquid Lipstick: A favorite amongst lip gloss lovers, this wet gloss provides ample shine with plenty of moisture. For a summer friendly pink, be sure to check out the shimmery and sexy Pink Lemonade.
  • Clear mascara: For just a dollar you can define eyelashes or groom eyebrows with this budget-friendly clear mascara. For time-crunched mornings, rely on a clear wand to help separate and extend your lashes and see the difference!
  • Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder: For seasonal beauty buys such as bronzing powder, it makes sense to experiment with a variety of price points. At a mere dollar, this bronzer is goddess-worthy, as it packs some serious shimmer without an orange or ruddy undertone. Be sure to use a light blush brush and apply sparingly across the nose, cheeks and forehead for a healthy glow.
  • Plumping Lip Glaze: To add some plump to your pout, look no further than this budget beauty buy. Available in a variety of colors, this soft and glossy glaze is a cult favorite amongst beauty bloggers.
  • Cosmetic brushes: If you're just starting out with e.l.f cosmetics or need to expand on your current inventory of brushes, it's easy and affordable to experiment with different application techniques when you have the right tools for the job. Concealer, blush, bronzer and eyeliner brushes are makeup bag essentials for creating professional application results.

Budget and Experiment

While e.l.f. cosmetics is certainly a leader in quality budget cosmetics, that doesn't mean you should blow your budget within the entire cosmetic line. The same rings true with every makeup line that some products are winners while others fall short. Even though a dollar makes a frugal purchase, stick with some of the most-raved about e.l.f. cosmetic products for best results. By mixing your budget splurges with scores, you can create a makeup palette that is easy on the pocketbook without sacrificing quality or on-trend color.

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What Stores Sell ELF Cosmetics?