What Stores Sell Bobbi Brown Makeup?

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If you've been trying to track down what stores sell Bobbi Brown makeup, there are several department stores that carry the luxe, high-end brand. If there isn't a store in your area, products can also be purchased online through the Bobbi Brown web site.

Everyday Neutrals

Bobbi Brown is a luxury, high end makeup brand developed by famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown. Bobbi Brown makeup is known for its ease of use, versatility and richly pigmented shades. Women flock to Bobbi Brown counters because the shades are extremely wearable.

Bobbi is known for having many neutrals in her makeup collections, such as beige, sand, taupe and grey for the eyes and nudes, pinks and peaches for lips, but she also includes pops of color such as eggplant and turquoise for eyes and rich berries and reds for lips.

What Stores Sell Bobbi Brown Makeup?

A number of various department and specialty stores sell Bobbi Brown cosmetics so it's a safe bet to assume there is a location near you. To find the closest retail location, check the Bobbi Brown store locator.

Department Stores

Department stores usually have a Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter or studio. The counter varies in size depending on demand for the line.


Macy's is a large department store that sells Bobbi Brown within its cosmetics department. Usually there will be a counter or alcove with a display of Bobbi Brown cosmetics set up. The larger the demand for Bobbi Brown cosmetics in a particular area, the larger the retail space will be within Macy's. If the retail space is on the small side, it may not carry all of the products within the Bobbi Brown line. If you don't see a specific product, check with a sales representative.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is another large department store, but tends to have fewer locations than Macys because of the fact that it is a higher-end store. Neiman Marcus stores are usually found in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. As with Macys, Neiman Marcus will have a Bobbi Brown counter within its cosmetics department. Because this department store caters to high-end clientele, the display will most likely carry most of the products within the Bobbi Brown line.

Lord & Taylor

Lord & Taylor is a department store that is comparable to Macys because it is in many cities across the country and caters to a similar clientele. Lord & Taylor will either have a Bobbi Brown counter or studio alcove that will vary in size.

Other Stores

Other department stores that sell the Bobbi Brown makeup line include:

Specialty Retailers

Bobbi Brown cosmetics are also available at specialty retailers that exclusively sell beauty and personal care items.


Sephora is a popular beauty retailer that carries cosmetics and personal care brands ranging from affordable brands to higher-end luxury items. Sephora carries many Bobbi Brown items including foundation, powder, blush, lipstick, palettes and brush sets. Sephora is a national chain, however, the stores are found mostly in large cities such as New York City.

Online Destinations

If there isn't a department or specialty store near you, or if you prefer the convenience of shopping online, you can purchase Bobbi Brown cosmetics online at the Bobbi Brown web site. It is the best place for purchasing items online because it carries everything in the Bobbi line, including limited edition products and palettes. Free shipping offers may be available, and you can also receive complimentary gifts with purchases.

Every department store that carries Bobbi Brown cosmetics also carries the products online, although the selection might be more limited than what is available in store.

Sephora also carries Bobbi Brown cosmetics on its web site and offers online exclusive shades and free shipping promotions.

Bobbi Brown products are mainly sold at department stores and their accompanying store web sites. If you see Bobbi Brown sold on another beauty or retail web site, simply pay a visit to the Bobbi Brown web site and go to the 'live chat' section of the site. You can verify with the Bobbi Brown representative whether or not the site you are intersted in purchasing from is an authorized Bobbi Brown vendor before you buy.

Locating Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

The next time you're looking for what stores sell Bobbi Brown makeup, a good place to start is your nearest department or specialty beauty store. If there isn't one near you, or if you prefer the comfort of shopping from your own home, check out the Bobbi Brown website because it will most likely have the most comprehensive selection of products.

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What Stores Sell Bobbi Brown Makeup?