Prescriptive Cosmetics provides beauty products for all skin tones.

Although Prescriptives retail counters closed as of January 1, 2010 the company has resumed production of its best-selling products. The high demand for these loved cosmetics products means that you can still purchase them online (while supplies last) as of June 2011.

Purchasing Prescriptives Products

The top selling makeup products from the company are available only online at You can also call the toll free number at 1-877-819-2968 for any order questions or concerns. For easiest purchasing, Prescriptives invites customers to register online. This can provide customers with exclusive discounts, allow them to track their order history, and have a quicker checkout experience. Consumers interested in the line can also register for email updates for the latest news or chat live with a customer service representative on the site.

The company also offers a special service called their "Gone But Not Forgotten" program for discontinued items. You can contact the corporate headquarters at 1-800-216-7173 for assistance locating an item from the basic Prescriptives line.

There are some restrictions on ordering. Customers are limited to a maximum purchase of six units of any product with a maximum purchase amount of $750. Products must be purchased via credit card; the company accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Know Your Color Family

Prescriptives was well-known for its Colorprint system at cosmetics counters that helped customers find the right match for their makeup. Although you can't get this service in person any longer, you can find help with knowing the right color family and selecting your products by chatting with one of their online representatives. The basic color system for the Prescriptives products is:

  • Yellow/Orange (y/o) Warm golden undertones
  • Red/Orange (r/o) Warm peach undertones
  • Red (r) Cool pink undertones
  • Blue/Red (b/r) Cool rose undertones

What's Available

Only the top selling products are available online from the company. These include the following products:

Custom Products

You can still order select custom makeup products, including foundation, powder, and lip gloss. Customers must fill out the custom blend recipe form and must order the custom products separately from any other Prescriptives items.


  • Virtual Matte: Control that shine with this oil-control makeup, which provides medium-to-full coverage and a smooth, satiny finish. It contains SPF 15.
  • Flawless Skin: Rich, creamy and formulated to protect the skin from damaging environmental elements, this makeup contains SPF 15.
  • Virtual Skin: Ultra-light and weightless, this makeup provides a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but is still relatively sheer. It contains SPF 10.
  • Traceless: If you prefer an extremely lightweight finish, you'll love the natural, luminous glow Traceless imparts. It contains SPF 8.
  • All Skins Mineral Makeup: This foundation is available in a standard formula with SPF 15 and in a long-wearing (16 hour) formula with SPF 10. Both offer the benefits of minerals and light, buildable coverage.


  • Flawless Skin: Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting it from the sun with SPF 15.
  • Virtual Matte: Blot away shine with this oil-reducing powder.
  • All Skins Mineral Powder: Perfect for all skin types, this loose mineral powder has a natural, matte finish and SPF 15.
  • Anywear: This is a compact powder with SPF 12 that can be applied wet or dry depending on the desired level of coverage.
  • Magic Powder: This unique liquid powder product diffuses light to minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections.

Lip Makeup

  • Moonbeam Lip Gloss: This reflective lip gloss delivers sheer light color.
  • Lip Specialist: This botanical lip balm plumps. Hydrates and smoothes for rosy, even-toned lips.
  • Colorscope: Choose from a multitude of moisture-rich shades. This formula is exceptionally soothing and long-lasting.
  • Deluxe Lip Liner: This lip color staple delivers creamy color and comes with a tiny brush to help with application.

Eye Makeup


  • Lash Envy: This moisturizing formula creates lush volume.
  • False Eyelashes: This mascara creates curl, volume, and length for intense lashes.
  • Lash-building Basecoat: This conditioning formula plumps and defines while helping to create healthy lashes.

Shadow and Liner

  • U-Pick Eye Shadow: Long-lasting color with a silky feel, the U-Pick shades are available in small, medium, and large compacts.
  • Deluxe Eye Pencil: This creamy eyeliner offers true color and simple application.

Other Products

You can also purchase several types of makeup brushes, the Groom Stick for brows, Flawless skin primer, Camouflage concealer, and the U-Pick translucent cheek color from the Prescriptives site.

Select skincare products, including some cleansers, moisturizers, eye treatments, and firming treatments can also be purchased on the website.

Although the retail counters have unfortunately closed, Prescriptives is trying to help those who have come to love the products by offering the most popular products online, assisting with the Gone but Not Forgotten program, and offering helpful features like live chat and email updates from their website. Keep in mind that not all top-selling products will remain available, and that shades and colors may be limited.

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