Colorful lipsticks

Lipstick is, arguably, the most essential part of a woman's makeup kit. Whether she's 16 and experimenting with everything from blue and purple to the classic mauves and reds, or 99 with a favorite shade or two that she's used for decades, a woman knows that lipstick is one of the quickest ways to change up her look.

Lipstick Ingredients

There are several types and finishes of lipsticks on the market. While lipstick ingredients can be pretty similar overall, a lot goes into creating the perfect formula, from the pigmentation level and color to the finish and feel on the lips.

One big concern in lip products is that they can contain lead. Fortunately, there are plenty of brands that offer lead-free products.

Organic lipsticks are a little different from the norm and may be more challenging to find, but they are out there and some of them are lovely. There are also natural, earth-friendly, affordable, and easily accessible lipstick brands, like Burt's Bees.

If you want to make your own, gather just a few supplies and use a lipstick recipe to create a great color with simple ingredients.

Choosing the Best Lipsticks

Every woman wants to find the "right" lipstick for her skin tone. Discover yours by considering whether your skin is light, medium, or dark and finding out which formula or finish is best for you, the look you're going for, and what feels most comfortable on your lips. Learn what the best drugstore lipsticks are so you can update your look with a beautifully pigmented lipstick or two without spending a lot of money.

The Best Shades for Your Coloring

Find out which shades you should be looking for if you have a medium skin tone (cool or warm). If you're African-American, look to certain colors that look best with your skin tone and brands for your perfect shade. Did you know that you can choose lip colors based on your eye color, too? For example, hazel eyes really stand out when lipstick shades highlight the gold in the irises.

Check for expert advice if you need help to choose between cool and warm shades or finding the right shade of lipstick for reddish hair and brown eyes.

Have a Little Fun

If you're looking for something a little out of the norm and your heart has settled on blue lipstick, of course you want the best of the best, from light blue to navy. If black lips are more up your alley, choose from one of the seven best black lipsticks.

Color-changing lipsticks can be fun, too, whether they promise to be your "perfect" shade or just change with your mood. They're less unusual than blue or black, but it can be exciting to see what color you get.

Maybe you have your perfect lipstick but want to store it safely in your purse. That's where lipstick cases come in.

Lipstick Reviews and Shopping

Sometimes you just want to see what other women have to say about a specific lipstick before taking the plunge and making a purchase for yourself. Read reviews about:

  • Almay Ideal Lipcolor, which is sheer but moisturizes well.
  • Jane lipstick in Butterscotch, which is challenging to track down but beautiful, cruelty-free, and moisturizing.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous in Nude, which is easy to apply, moisturizing, and perfect for everyday wear.
  • Bobbi Brown lipsticks in general, which come in a variety of finishes, are long-wearing, have phenomenal coverage, and come in a wide variety of colors.
  • Wet N Wild Lip Lacquer, a lipstick and gloss in one that didn't fare well in the review but does have some pros.
  • Elizabeth Arden lipstick, which did very well in the review, aside from the smell and taste. Packaging, price, and color selection are all satisfactory.
  • Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine was another winner as far as reviews go, based on its creamy texture, color selection, and slight shine.
  • Finding Discontinued Max Factor Lipsticks can help if you're looking for a shade that isn't available at your favorite cosmetic counter any longer.

Red Lipstick

Learn how to wear bright red lips regardless of skin tone by choosing the right shade and opacity and learning to rock them with confidence. If you like red, but bright red isn't your thing, find out which reds look amazing on any skin tone. If you already know you have warm undertones, that narrows the list of perfect reds for you so it's easier to choose a winner. Pale skin looks great in red shades, so find out which one you should try next if your skin tone is very fair.

Applying and Wearing Lipstick

Applying lipstick seems like one of the most basic makeup techniques, but to look neat and polished, especially in bold shades, there's a little more that goes on behind the scenes.

What happens if you get lipstick on your shirt or other fabric? It's good to know the lipstick stain removal basics because you have to act fast!

Visual Inspiration

If you've found yourself in a lipstick rut you want to bust out of, try looking through a collection of lipstick covered lip photos for inspiration. Or browse by color with red lipstick photos and pink lips. Looking through photos is a great way to find the perfect lipstick shade to wear.

The Quickest Way to Update Your Look

Browse through the best shades, read up on the reviews, and look around to see what your next favorite lipstick shade may be. Is it a classic red or pink? Maybe you're feeling adventurous. Lipstick is one of the quickest ways to give yourself a makeover. You can totally change your look with a swipe from a new tube.

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