How to Look Like Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a stunning beauty.
Megan Fox Makeup

If you are wondering how to look like Megan Fox, you're not alone! After all, whether you consider her an up and coming starlet or a genuine ingénue, one thing is certain - Ms. Fox is a stunning beauty!

Learn How to Look Like Megan Fox

You may not have her flawless skin, luscious lips, and stunning blue eyes, but you can still learn how to look like Megan Fox. The key is to emulate her look and modify it to suit your own features. The good news is that Ms. Fox typically sports three distinctive looks, each of which you can make your own.

Fresh Faced Ingénue

The first style this young up and coming actress tends to sport is a fresh faced look. Overall, this look consists of lips that look as if you've just eaten a bowl of fresh strawberries, eyes that are just slightly defined, full brows, and a slight flush of color on the cheeks.


  • Light eyes: If you have light eyes, for example, blue, green or gray, use an eyeliner that allows your eyes to be defined. Choose an eyeliner in a color that keeps your eyes understated, like that of black, blue or grey, and brown where applicable.
  • Dark Eyes: Dark eyed gals should also opt for black or brown colors; leave purple and greens for another day as it won't help you to achieve this fresh faced look.

Lips and Cheek Color

Turing to the lips, you'll want a lip color that will "stain" or flush the lips with color. The main point to this is that you want the lips to have that "just bitten" look. A lip stain, or a sheer tint can help you achieve this look. For your cheeks, reach for a blush in a color that most closely matches your cheeks when they are naturally flushed. For some, this may be a pinky apricot, for others a deep rose, or a pinky brown. When you apply the blush, use a light hand.


Finally, it's time to work on your eyebrows. Megan's eyebrows are full, but not unruly. Take a cue from her and make sure that your brows are neat and that they follow your natural arch. If your brows are a bit skimpy, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil (use short, quick strokes) or use a matching eye shadow, like one in ash brown or ash blonde. If your brows need major help because of over plucking, don't fear. Instead, using a stencil like one from Anastasia Brows can help tremendously. The way these stencils work is that you hold it up to your brow, and simply draw the brow in, using an eyebrow pencil or a matching eye shadow.

Bronzed Beauty

Megan Fox occasionally utilizes the "sun-kissed" look; essentially one that looks as if she just came back from a weeklong vacation stay. You can achieve this look by using a combination of bronzer and blush. To do so:

  • Start with concealor. Apply to under eye circles and the inner creases of the eye (the part near your nose).
  • Apply foundation. Use this only on the areas that need it and then, taking a foundation brush, run it over the areas you've applied the foundation, smoothing it outward.
  • if you plan on using eyeliner and/or eye shadow, now's the time to apply it.
  • Now it's time to apply your blush. Apply to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Next, apply your bronzer. Dust all over the face, including your forehead, chin and nose. Don't be afraid to let the bronzer touch your cheeks (where you had previously applied your blush).

Survey your face. If you don't have a deep enough sun kissed look, apply a bit more blush to the apples of your cheeks and then blend a bit more bronzer on top of it, dusting it out across your entire face. Once you have a color you are satisfied with, go ahead and apply your lipstick and/or lip gloss.

Sultry Vixen

What woman doesn't want to look like a sultry vixen, at least occasionally? Megan Fox must be thinking the same thing as she often wears this style. You can achieve this makeup look by:

  • Keeping your face free of bronzer while only applying a minimum of blush as needed.
  • Place some color on the eyes, either in the form of eye shadow and/or eyeliner.
  • Wear a strong lip. This doesn't have to be a bright red. In fact, you'll want to go with a darker lip than you would normally wear. If you are having trouble finding the right shade of lipstick, take a look at the middle of your lower lip - any lip color that is within that shade range- either lighter or darker, will look good on you.

Finish your look with some loose powder and be sure to carry your powder compact with you. This way, you'll be able to keep shine at bay no matter where you happen to be going.

Putting It All Together

It's easy to see why many want to know how to look like celebrity Megan Fox. Follow the tips outlined above, and you're all but guaranteed to be turning heads all on your own!

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How to Look Like Megan Fox