Hollister August Perfume

A perfume that inspires!

Although Hollister August perfume has long been discontinued, the coveted scent leads many consumers on a search for surplice bottles available from perfume stores and auction sites, often fetching over $100 per bottle. What's so unique about this lifestyle branded scent?

History of Hollister

The Hollister clothing brand is based on a fictional tale of a man named J.M. Hollister, who in 1922, served as a southern California merchant trading surf gear and sea-worthy threads for laid back Pacific coast Dudes and Bettys. This is a fisherman's tale indeed, as Hollister is actually the child of parent company Abercrombie and Fitch.

The first Hollister store made waves in 2000, furnished with rustic surfboards and hip music to boot. The Hollister brand, just like Abercrombie and Fitch, RUEHL No. 925 and Gilly Hicks ,are all casual lifestyle companies appealing in mass to high-school teens and college co-eds.

This laid back California brand is known for their comfy tees, relaxed jeans and emblem/logo saturated clothing. Fragrance and accessories are available at each of these lifestyle companies. The Abercrombie and Fitch company along with Hollister are believed to spray their merchandise with their fragrances, ensuring that apparel customers will get a pleasant drift of their intoxicating scents while trying on garments and shopping tableside.

Hollister August Fragrance Notes

As many fans will gladly boast, the Hollister August scent was an interesting blend of woodsy, beach and bold smoky notes. Although it was not marketed as a unisex blend, many customers found that the wood base appealed to both sexes equally.

Described by Hollister as a unique and crisp citrus aroma with multi-floral bouquets and driftwood undertones, the scent was both alluring and sexy in a laid back, beach gal kind of way.

Although this particular scent is rare to find, fans can rest assured that Hollister continues to create fragrances that stir up memories of sunny days, long summers, endless nights and first loves. August was one of the first perfumes marketed by this hip lifestyle brand, and although the distribution sizzled out, constant demand keeps this (now hard to find) scent in loving memory.

Finding Hollister August Perfume

Hollister Company has four perfume fragrances and four cologne scents still available in their retail stores. Depending on your body's chemistry to a particular scent, men's cologne can work as a suitable alternative to some of the sweeter perfumes available, perhaps even channeling the original August scent.

Hollister fragrances available for women and their descriptions:

  • Malaia: Crisp water, woodsy, floral notes
  • Ryder: Free spirited beach scent mixed with floral notes
  • So Cal: Casual pretty and sexy embodying the So. Cal lifestyle
  • Hollister California: Warm woodsy floral mixed with vanilla

Hollister fragrances available for men and their descriptions:

  • HCO22: Bottled beach, ocean and sky
  • Jake: Citrus with a woodsy base
  • So Cal: Clean, fresh and masculine
  • Hollister California: Clean and woodsy, embodying pure California lifestyle

Luckily, with the help of the Internet, finding discontinued cosmetics and fragrances has never been easier. To find this discontinued Hollister perfume, search the following sites:

Alternative August Scents

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Hollister August Perfume