Finding Discount MAC Cosmetics

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Due to the huge success of the brand, it is no surprise that many women are in search of discount MAC Cosmetics. While MAC is one of the cosmetic lines highest in demand, finding discounted products is actually not that easy.

Purchasing Discount MAC Cosmetics

Unfortunately discounts on MAC products are rare; the company's high quality and the high demand for their products mean you may often end up paying full price for the products you love. When looking for affordable MAC cosmetics, however, there are several online sites to consider. Many of these retailers will sell authentic MAC cosmetics at less than the full retail price. Keep in mind that the lower product costs may be because items have been discontinued.

Women should also be careful to ensure that products are authentic. Grammatical or logo errors, sloppy packaging, and extremely high discounts may be signs that the makeup products are fakes.

All Cosmetics Wholesale

Online company All Cosmetics Wholesale sells a variety of new discontinued MAC products, generally selling items at or below wholesale pricing. The website also frequently changes their stock, meaning that there are frequent changes in the MAC cosmetics available for purchase.

Cosmetic Discounter

The website Cosmetic Discounter is an online source for discounted cosmetic products. Although this company requires a $25 sale minimum for all purchases, they offer MAC cosmetic products at 30% off the retail price. The site even offers a 30 day money back guarantee in case the products aren't up to the buyer's desired quality.

FrangranceX not only offers men's and women's fragrances, but they also sell makeup and skincare products. This company sells a variety of MAC products at 20% to 30% off retail price. Orders from this company can be purchased online or by phone at 888-55-PERFUME. The site also has the following features:

  • Free shipping on orders over $59
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Customer testimonials


Online bidding site is a popular location for many buyers looking for discounted products. There are consistently thousands of products for sale in the MAC cosmetics category. Depending on the individual seller, prices range from close to the retail price to over 50% lower than selling price. is a website that offers a variety of quality name-brand cosmetics at discount prices. The site has variety of MAC products available, many of which sell for 20% off the retail price. The company also has a newsletter that any user can sign up for, which offers additional special discounts.


If you are in the cosmetic field, either as an aesthetician, cosmetologist, model or even hairstylist, another opportunity for lower-priced MAC cosmetics exists. The MAC Pro program is available specifically to encourage professionals to use their products. Membership is exclusive and requires an application process. If you are approved, the rewards are endless.

  • 30% - 40% discounts on professional MAC makeup products
  • Member only special events
  • Detailed classes
  • Online forums
  • Industry reports

If you are connected directly or indirectly into the world of cosmetics, it might just be worth the try to apply for the MAC Pro program. Visit the website for more information and an application form.

More Ways to Save

There are also a few other ways MAC makeup addicts can save.

  • Purchase palettes instead of indivividual products. The cost of purchasing an eye shadow or other makeup product to insert in the palette will be less than buying just the single item.
  • Participate in the Back-to-MAC program. Save your empty product containers, and once you have six of them, you can return them to MAC for recycling. The company will give away a free lipstick for participating in the recycling program.
  • Check the official MAC website for free or discounted shipping deals that are occasionally offered.

More About MAC

Originally known as Make-up Art Cosmetics, MAC was founded in 1985. It was originally designed as a special makeup line specifically for photo shoots. The makeup had to be strong enough to fight the glare of the lights, but also offer a broad assortment to allow the makeup artists some creativity. It was initially only available in the professional arena, but the public soon coveted the products. As MAC began to open the line to the average consumer, it took off like a storm. Even just a few years ago, the makeup was particularly difficult to find and highly sought after. Since the company was purchased by Estee Lauder in 1998, however, it has become more visible and even more in demand.

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Finding Discount MAC Cosmetics