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Look fresh with mineral makeup.

The best mineral makeup is truly a relatively term. What is best depends on who you ask. For many, transitioning from standard forms of makeup to a natural cosmetic alone is their greatest discovery about mineral makeup.

Where better to look for answers to the best mineral makeup other than the customers themselves? LoveToKnow Makeup perused the Internet looking for feedback from the many new customers of a quickly growing makeup sensation. The following are the brands we found with the most positive feedback.

Best Mineral Makeup Brands

Along with the positive reviews, the best mineral makeup brands also had a few complaints. Although mineral makeup is generally well received, it is not a perfect product for everyone. The learning curve on application is tough for some and many will give up trying. In addition, certain skin types struggle more with the pure powdery consistency of true mineral makeup products. If you have been considering trying mineral makeup for the first time or want to switch brands, here is a list of what we have found from four key players in the minerals marketplace.

Bare Escentuals

Received Glamour Magazine's Award for Best Prestige Foundation

Bare Escentuals is one of the most widely available of the best mineral makeup brands. A common infomercial on QVC shopping channel, this mineral makeup had the most customer opinions of all we looked at. Overall, this product line received outstanding ratings. Some of the most consistent feedback from customers was:

  • Creates a flawless, natural complexion
  • Best for super oily skin, can be slightly drying
  • Lightweight makeup
  • Stayed on incredibly well, even in humid conditions
  • Provides many color choices in their eye makeup, including the glimmer collection
  • Although it is dispensed in small quantities - it lasts a long time
  • The container tended to spill easy
  • Slightly difficult to apply correctly
  • Some customers experienced the eye makeup dusting off into eyes
  • Messy to use

Customers complained that this brand was expensive and difficult to find. They also require you to buy separate specialized brushes in addition to the mineral makeup.


A Family Operated Aromatherapy and Natural Cosmetics Company

A website, company, and brand with a variety of strong opinions from customers. In general, this brand of mineral makeup had the most controversy. It is a love-it or hate-it company. Consistent feedback reported included:

  • Noticeably a better mineral makeup for older faces - over forty.
  • Sells individual pigment colors so you can mix your own shades
  • Website overloads on product information, mineral makeup advice and ingredient lists
  • Provides natural makeup for both oily and dry faces
  • Product line includes much more than just the basic mineral makeup
  • Customer service complaints were common - as a small company there were some issues with shipping, ordering, quality and returns.

Afterglow Cosmetics

A Line of All Natural Mineral and Organic Cosmetics

Afterglow is a smaller company with a few mainstream products found on places such as Although the reviews were few, they were all positive:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Improved skin appearance with product use
  • Lightweight
  • Lasted all day, without a need for a touchup
  • Subtle glow - not too shiny

L'Oreal Mineral Makeup

A Mass-Marketed Version of Mineral Makeup

  • L'Oreal Makeup

Quite a different company then the rest, L'Oreal is one of the first big-business cosmetic companies to jump into the mineral makeup market. One of the main problems with buying this type of makeup in the drugstore, is there is no one to show you how to use it correctly. Their packaging style is also different than the other brands, and is one of the only types that include a brush. The reviewers either seemed to love or hate these differences and their common opinion themes included:

  • Good coverage - better than many other mineral makeup brands.
  • Natural looking
  • Less expensive
  • Attractive portable packaging
  • Less messy to apply
  • Difficult to select the right color from the canister and most stores don't provide testers
  • Tends to over dry some skin types


Founded by Pauline Youngblood, a Licensed Medical Esthetician

A company that started over ten years ago, Youngblood has been growing steadily in the medical skin fields. Mostly available in spas, doctors' offices, and salons, it has been steadily gaining momentum in the more mainstream marketplace. With proper application techniques, this mineral makeup received only positive reviews.

  • Provides an application information sheet with each purchase
  • Covers your flaws well, but not too heavy
  • Moisturizer is needed before application with dryer skins
  • Made redness simply disappear
  • If you work it into your skin, it will also minimize your pores

General Note

One of the most consistent problems reported with mineral makeup is how it looks on your face. This can be fixed in most cases by proper application. Before switching to a mineral makeup, read carefully the literature from the brand you chose and if possible, talk to one of their professional salespeople for guidance.

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