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Long Thin Women's Cardigan

Crystal Schwanke
woman wearing cardigan

A long thin women's cardigan may be more versatile than you think.

About the Long Thin Women's Cardigan

Cardigans aren't just for teachers anymore, and long thin cardigans for women are especially versatile. They're perfect lightweight layering pieces to go under jackets or coats, and they won't ride up and expose your midsection to the cold because of the additional length. When you get to your destination and remove your coat, you'll still have the option to leave your cardigan on for a little extra warmth or remove it if the heater's been cranked up too high. Long, thin cardigans allow you to stay comfortable while still looking professional and stylish. Keeping one in your office may be wise if your boss keeps the air conditioner running even when it seems unnecessary to everyone else in the office.

Another way that these cardigans are versatile has to do with their style. There are some that can be worn in several different ways, including belted or wrapped around the body, which makes it easy to throw one on as an afterthought as you run out the door or turn it into something party-worthy.

Long thin cardigans can be:

  • Asymmetrical
  • Made from luxuriously soft fabrics like cashmere
  • Button-up
  • Open
  • Boyfriend style
  • Fitted, to show off an hourglass shape
  • Print or solid
  • Attention-grabbing with details like shawl collars, ruching, or ruffles

How to Wear the Cardigan

Balance is key here, as it is in almost all other areas of fashion. If you're choosing a billowy, long cardigan that will be worn open, keep in mind that it will have a voluptuous look. It will pair best with fitted clothing underneath. Too many loose clothes worn simultaneously could add the unwanted illusion of extra pounds. If you're wearing a very fitted cardigan, you'll want to keep the shirt underneath form-fitting in order to prevent unsightly bulges of gathered fabric, but your pants or skirt should be less clingy. Choose a sweater with the opposite fit from the other clothes you're wearing for the best results-loose sweaters with tight clothing, tight sweaters with wide-leg trouser style pants or A-line skirts.

If you're petite, choosing more fitted long cardigans will work better for your frame than the looser styles; fitted styles are more likely to give the illusion of an elongated body. It could be a challenge to find long cardigans that won't make you appear shorter, so try them on before you buy when you have the chance.

To style your cardigan, consider wearing a belt to cinch in the middle. It's easy for a woman's curvy shape to get lost beneath a long garment, even if that garment is thin. Cinching a long cardigan in at the waist with a belt or scarf can give you your hourglass shape back.

Try wearing a shirt and pants of the same color, then using a brightly colored cardigan to tie the whole outfit together.

Where to Shop

Long thin women's cardigans are fall, winter, and spring staples, so you should be able to find at least a few wherever you shop for your clothing. A few places to start include:

  • Victoria's Secret: Only this company can make something as basic as a cardigan look undeniably sexy.
  • American Eagle: Want a basic, preppy cardigan? Check here.
  • Overstock: This store can generally save you money on almost anything you want. Women's cardigans are no exception.

Wearing a long cardigan is a comfortable and sometimes even fun way to keep warm. Layer them up with long-sleeved shirts or jackets, or wear them with just a tank or camisole underneath.

Long Thin Women's Cardigan