Ladies' Summer Hat Styles

Lady in sun hat

The different ladies' summer hat styles serve several purposes throughout the warm-weather months. They can be fun and flirty, add flair to a plain dress, or even make a stylish statement at an elegant summer party. Fashionable and trendy, summer hats can also protect you from the sun's damaging rays. Ideally, you'll collect a few hats for various summer occasions; being prepared no matter what's in your schedule this summer season.

Popular Ladies' Summer Hat Styles

Ideally, ladies' summer hats should be made of lightweight, breathable fabric. Try chic and versatile varieties in cotton, straw or linen. What type of summer hat works best for that picnic, party, or wedding? These are the most popular styles available:


Visors offer great sun protection during hot summer months, and they can take you anywhere from the beach to the fairway. Also a great choice for gardening or yard work, this type of hat is usually made of breathable materials such as woven straw, canvas, and cotton. Online specialty shop e4Hats carries visors in a wide selection of both funky designs and classic solids. Find varieties in cotton twill, terry cloth, straw, and canvas.

Sun Hat

Taking a cue from old Hollywood, wide-brim sun hats are a top pick for parties, picnics, or any outdoor events that require one to go a step above casual to summer chic. Helping you keep cool while looking fabulous, many wide-brim sun hats are made of cotton, straw, felt, and raffia. Pair a sundress with a sun hat from online store Coolibar which offers high-quality sun-protective products, including sun hats that you can sort by brim size, activity, or style.


Often embellished with feathers, ribbon, and beads, millinery hats are also referred to as church hats. This vintage look is ideal for dressier events such as weddings, luncheons, and (surprise) church. These hats are commonly made of mesh, straw, or heavier fabrics containing a satin lining. Old-world charm meets fashion-forward head wear with millinery hats at Hats in the Belfry. Here, you will also find a wide range of hat accessories to complement your vintage look. Finally, check out Maggie Mae Designs, which features a vibrant summer collection of custom-made special occasion hats that celebrate classic millinery techniques.


Pair a fedora with a tank top and a flirty skirt for a fresh look. The timeless style of the fedora works well with just about any outfit, making its wearer look confidently cool without even trying. Traditionally made with felt, summer styles are woven out of lightweight straw. From pinstripe, to braided straw, to stetson-style fedoras, the Village Hat Shop boasts a large selection of ladies' fedoras. Also, peruse the array of ladies' fedoras made by top designers at Bloomingdales. Fit for a Sunday brunch, a casual dinner, or a night on the town, the fedora is a stylish staple for hot summer months.


Noted for the craftsmanship of its handmade, high-quality toquilla straw, the panama is a stylish way to stay cool. Dress it down for an easy stroll down the park, or dress it up for an evening out with friends. Discover elegant, hand-made styles for ladies at Panama Hats Direct.

Cowboy Hat

If you're grabbing groceries, shepherding the kids to the county fair, or window shopping in your favorite neighborhood, why not let the wild west inspire your casual summer wardrobe? Find a wide variety of women's cowboy hats at Amazon in classic neutrals, or go for the pink straw variety to add a bit of pizzazz to a simple jeans-and-tee outfit. Shop Sheplers if you're looking for cowboy hats with turquoise accents or beaded detailing.

Summer Hairstyles for Hats

Hats give ladies much-deserved respite from having to have a perfect coif; they make bad hair days practically disappear since you can hide your tresses underneath your hat. A messy side bun works well with many a straw hat. When donning this summer staple, you can even wear your hair down, or opt for the ease of a low ponytail to keep strands out of your face. Consider pig tails or an easy braid for a fun and laid-back look on casual outings.

Stay Stylish, Stay Healthy

While hats can be great fashion statements during the summer months, they also offer protection from the sun's harsh rays. Fashion meets function with the right summer hat. Women's summer hats shield eyes, hair, scalp, and skin. Paired with sunblock, a summer hat is a wise way to prevent sunburn and sun exposure - not to mention premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, and the onset of skin cancer. Another hair bonus: donning an elegant wide-brimmed style protects color-treated hair from fading, helping you keep those locks as brilliant as those sunny days.

This summer, splurge on a bold fashion statement with stylish head wear, and feel good about staying healthy as you enjoy the warmer months.

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Ladies' Summer Hat Styles