Interview with Serengeti Sunglasses Product Manager: Paula Meason

Serengeti Sunglasses

Serengeti sunglasses are a proven leader in the field, with a list of celebrity devotees, including Val Kilmer, Patrick Dempsey, and Peta Wilson. For more information about these hot designer sunglasses, LoveToKnow Sunglasses went straight to the source. Paula Meason is the Product Manager of Serengeti Sunglasses, and she was kind enough to give us the inside scoop.

Meet Paula Meason

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your passion for sunglasses. How did you get started with the Serengeti line?

I have been the Serengeti Eyewear Product Manager at Bushnell for almost six years. I am passionate about the brand because the product is truly the best on the market. It makes it easy to love what you do when you know the product's performance is outstanding. Once you wear Serengeti, you won't want to wear anything else.

As product manager, what are your job duties?

My responsibilities (in a nutshell) are to work with our suppliers to produce new sunglasses for the line that target our target consumer. I market them globally to our subsidiaries and sales team, train them on the technology behind the sunglass and how to sell them, work with our buyers to forecast and order product appropriately and cooperate with marketing and trade marketing to produce materials for these new products that fit the brand image.

Serengeti Sunglass Lenses

Serengeti offers beautiful sunglasses. Tell me a little bit about what makes them special. What makes them stand out against the competition?

What makes our product line special are the lenses. Our lenses are manufactured in a very special way that make images clearer, crisper, and colors truer. We offer seven different lenses (Drivers, Drivers Polarized, 555nm, Polarized, Drivers Gradient, Sedona, and Sedona Polarized) that offer consumers something different with each one. I would encourage you to visit the Serengeti website to read why each lens is special in its own way. In addition, all of our lenses are photochromic (constantly adjusting to changing light conditions), which means when it is very sunny outside they will darken, and when it becomes overcast, they lighten. This allows consumers to always see an accurate view of the road no matter what the conditions outside. In addition, all of our frames are handmade.

All of your lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Do they also come with anti-reflective coating? If so, how do you recommend the lenses be cleaned and taken care of?

Yes, they do come with an AR coating on the backside of the lens. It is recommend to blow loose particles off the lens then clean them with an optical lens cloth or soft cotton cloth. Use a mild liquid soap diluted with warm water. Rinse them and then dry them with an optical lens cloth or soft cotton cloth.

Popular Styles

What's your best-selling shape? What makes them so popular?

Aviators are definitely Serengeti's most popular style. They are both fashionable as well as classic, so they will never go out of style. We offer many other metals and plastic frame designs that are also popular among our customers.

Do you have a particular favorite pair?

My personal favorite that I wear everyday is a new style called Sarca. It is a ladies handmade acetate frame design that is very fashionable.

The S-Flex style I found on the Serengeti Eyewear website sounds intriguing. Can you tell me more about it?

The S Flex product family is globally exclusive to Serengeti, and offers the ultimate in performance, strength and comfort. The unique temple design is distinctly Serengeti and combines both monel and beta titanium providing a spring like action for a comfortable fit without a traditional spring hinge. The curves of the innovative "S" shaped temple achieve a new level of style, comfort and fit in this frame technology. It is extremely durable and is made with an alloy material that is pliable, making it hold its finish.

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Interview with Serengeti Sunglasses Product Manager: Paula Meason