Interview with Brad Shapiro of Rudy Project Sunglasses

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Rudy Project Jekyll

Rudy Project sunglasses stand out among the competition because of their lightweight, durable frame materials; "unbreakable for life" ImpactX™ and ImpactRx™ polycarbonate lenses; and adjustable, interchangeable styles. You also get an unbelievable three-year warranty on your frame and a replacement lens guarantee. LoveToKnow Sunglasses spoke with Brad Shapiro from Rudy Project to find out more.

About Rudy Project Sunglasses

LTK: Do all Rudy Project lenses offer 100 percent UV protection?

Brad Shapiro: Yes, [they all] offer 100 percent UV protection.

LTK: Which celebrities have been spotted in Rudy Project styles? Do you know their favorites?

Brad Shapiro: Jennifer Lopez was spotted sporting Rudy Project Rydon sunglasses in the recent Malibu Triathlon.

LTK: Where can you find Rudy Project sunglasses?

Brad Shapiro: At your local eye care professional, better sport or bike stores or online at

LTK: What are some of the top sellers? Why?

Brad Shapiro: The Rydon has consistently been one of our top-selling sunglasses. It is available in multiple colors with many different lens options and two different lens shapes to fit different faces. It is extremely comfortable to wear, it performs well for all sports (i.e. does not fog), provides a broad range of coverage for virtually any sport, and like all of our sport performance models, has adjustable temples and nose pads for a perfect, customized fit.

LTK: Tell me about the technology behind these sunglasses.

Brad Shapiro: Innovative technology and advanced science keep Rudy Project a step ahead of the competition. Our unique materials and manufacturing techniques create lightweight, functional and extremely comfortable eyewear. In addition, Rudy Project's superior lens technology is a defining characteristic of the brand. Unique features include:

  • ImpactX™ lenses that are unbreakable for life, offer superior optics and are bendable
  • ImpactX photochromic lenses provide cutting edge light management technology, getting dark from low to high light transmission within few seconds
  • Interchangeable lenses with RX options
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch technology

LTK: Tell me more about how the interchangeable lenses work.

Brad Shapiro: Each frame is different, but essentially the consumer is able to change their lenses to manage varying light conditions.

LTK: What kind of warranty is available?

Brad Shapiro: Rudy Project offers a three-year warranty on our frames and a lifetime warranty on our lenses. The Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG) allows consumers to replace scratched lenses for a nominal shipping and handling fee of $19.95.

Choosing the Right Pair for You

LTK: What are the options for people who need vision correction?

Rudy Project
Rudy Project Horus

Brad Shapiro: Rudy is Sports Rx! Rudy Project offers more prescription (Rx) options than any other sport eyewear company, including Rx Direct Interchangeable (interchangeable Rx lenses for our most popular sport models), removable Rx inserts/adapters (rx lenses fit behind the sun lenses) for patients on a smaller budget and contact lens wearers who occasionally need rx lenses because of dry eye or other issues that might restrict contact lens wear, progressive (multifocal lenses), and photo chromic and photo chromic polarized Rx lenses.

LTK: Who can benefit from Rudy Project sunglasses? Everyone? Just athletes?

Brad Shapiro: Rudy Project sunglasses appeal to people who lead an active lifestyle over a broad age range (e.g. 25 to 60), from elite athletes to outdoor enthusiasts to weekend warriors, from cyclists to triathletes, from runners and walkers, to golfers and cross-country skiers. Rudy Project also appeals to people who just want to hang out and look "technically cool" in the latest and greatest sport eyewear fashions from Italy.

LTK: There are so many colors of lenses available. How do customers know which one(s) to choose for their needs?

Brad Shapiro: Different lenses transmit different amounts of visible light and are therefore appropriate for different light conditions. For example, in bright sunlight you would want a lens such as our Laser Black lens with a chrome mirror finish that reduces glare and transmits only eight percent of visible light. On a cloudy day with indirect sunlight, our Racing Red lens that is treated with rich, multi-layered coatings to enhance visual depth and eliminate eye would be preferable.

Coming Soon

LTK: Are there any new styles or features coming soon that you'd like to talk about?

Brad Shapiro: On the frame side, our 2009 collection will include the KarbonEye™, which is made with pure carbon fiber, Kynetium, and our revolutionary ImpactX™ lens material. The KarbonEye tops anything on the market in terms of adjustability, optics, strength, comfort and performance. The KarbonEye features a revolutionary stainless steel temple core bonded with pure carbon fiber, an extremely light and durable material, and over injected with protective ergonomic megol. This unique piece is mounted to the new ImpactX™ photochromic shield, delivering both wrap-around protection and light management.

On the lens side, we are just now introducing our FreeForm TEK™ prescription lenses that are digitally surfaced for the most exact, customized vision, are designed exclusively for Rudy project frames and are available in our Impact Rx photo chromic and photo chromic polarized material. FreeForm TEK™ prescription lenses are simply the best prescription sport lenses on the market today, bar none.

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Interview with Brad Shapiro of Rudy Project Sunglasses