Products to Make a Bald Head Shine

Get your shine on!

There are plenty of products to make a bald head shine. Whether you suffer from premature hair loss, balding, or just choose to make a unique and masculine statement, chances are you are among the ranks of bald men that want their heads to shine. Bald shiny heads garner a lot of attention and can be used to your advantage if properly cared for and nourished.

Going Bald

While some men choose various hair replacement methods such as hair transplants when they begin to experience hair loss, others voluntarily choose to lose their locks for a variety of reasons. Many athletes such as swimmers and basketball players find that a bald head helps them stay cool during their sport while increasing their speed. Others may suffer receding hairlines and opt for a sexy and bald look. Some men find themselves shaving their head for medical or support reasons, while others just love the masculine and tough look.

No matter your personal reason for joining the hairless club, products to make a bald head shine are a great way to keep your scalp healthy while promoting a natural glow.

Various Products to Make a Bald Head Shine

If you're bald, you already know a shiny head has much desirability over a dull, matte scalp. Not only are shiny heads interesting to look at, they also look healthier than a dull scalp. If your scalp lacks luster, the first step to increase shine is to replenish the scalp's natural lost moisture. Dull shaving implements can be the first cause of a dry scalp, quickly followed by lack of hydration and sun protection.

When shaving your bald head, make sure you use a sharp, clean razor each and every time. Applying a shaving cream will ensure a slick and supple surface prior to making a smooth shave. Always make sure the scalp is well moisturized and that the skin is supple prior to shaving. It's always best to take a warm hot shower for a few minutes, followed by shaving.


Once you're shaved and smooth, moisturizer is a must to restore hydration and increase shine. Products like Noxzema work great to restore moisture and repair the damaged skin while adding a healthy glow to the scalp.

Styling Products, Oils, and Waxes

Some bald men find an aerosol hairspray works well to create a shiny scalp. Simply mist the scalp evenly with a light hold spray and you're set! Oil and waxes are another avenue to consider when seeking products to make a bald head shine. Baby oil can be applied in a circular motion to the scalp and rubbed out with a warm towel to create a buffed, shiny effect. Light-hold waxes that enhance shine can also be used and buffed out to create a similar effect.

Keep the Shine: Removing Products

No matter the shine or buffing product that you use, always make sure you cleanse the scalp thoroughly to remove product build up. Over time, excessive product and dead skin can accumulate on the scalp, leaving a dull and lifeless appearance. If you find your scalp is dry and itchy, you may want to experiment with a light exfoliant to remove dead skin. When massaged into the scalp in a circular manner, a mild exfoliant with slough away dead skin flakes, exposing healthy, shiny skin.

Sun Protection

If you spend time outdoors, keep in mind bald heads need plenty of sunscreen to prevent parched skin and sunburned scalp. A simple solution is to wear a hat or bandanna whenever you are outdoors. If you've experienced over-exposure to the sun, apply aloe immediately to help soothe and heal the damaged skin.

Bald is Beautiful

There are many reasons men choose to go bald. Bald heads are easy to maintain and can look quite attractive when well taken care of. To enhance this unique asset, remember to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect! These simple steps will ensure you're scalp is always healthy and shiny.

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Products to Make a Bald Head Shine