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Although everyone's hair needs are different, there are some names that are continually sought after as the top hair product brands. The hair industry is ever-expanding, and hair products have evolved far beyond the shampoos, mousses, and gels of decades past. Technology has increased and allowed for the production of many unique product lines that can transform your natural hair into something considerably different.

Top Names in Hair Products

The product line you choose will be determined by your specific hair type and needs, your style and personality, and perhaps your budget. Some of the brands that truly stand out in the world of hair care and styling include the following.

Salon Brands

While the cost of salon brands can be high, the products are often gentler on the hair and a small amount can go a long way in cleansing, conditioning, and styling. Top names in salon brands include:

  • Kerastase : Loved by many celebrities, this brand is known for innovative products that improve the look and feel of hair. Boasting many award-winning products, the line offers products that add health, vibrancy and shine.
  • Oscar Blandi: This luxury hair brand offers high-performance products infused with botanicals for exceptional style. With advanced product concepts like Pronto, promising fast results and new life to your style, and the Jasmine Anti Frizz collection for intensely smooth styles, the brand's passion for hair is clear.
  • Frederic Fekkai: Whether you want to add volume, gloss, or strength; define curls or create an intricate updo, the Fekkai collections are formulated to treat specific hair issues. With a philosophy rooted in customized hair care for the individual, this brand creates products to meet different needs rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.
  • Bumble and Bumble: This coveted line of products is known especially for their innovative and versatile styling products. From windswept beachy volume to super smooth and sleek styles, the House of Bumble strives to offer products that allow creative freedom in hair styling.
  • Matrix: With well-known collections like Biolage and Vavoom, Matrix is a trusted name in high end hair care. Product lines are designed for color care, curls, straight and fine hair, dry and damaged hair, and even a hair care line specialized for men.
  • Tigi: Funky, fresh, and fun, the care and styling products from Tigi offer specialized products to create unique styles. If you want a polished, runway-worthy look, try the Catwalk collection. Is a more relaxed and laid-back vibe your style? Choose from the Bedhead collection. Tigi also offers other collections including a men's line and the Rockaholic products.
  • Aveda: This brand is focused on providing pre, plant-based products for beautiful cleansing and styling that treats your hair gently. With over 30 years of offering hair care products and award-winning products, Aveda is a go-to brand for great hair.
  • Redken: Redken's lines offer healthy hair and beautiful styling. Choose from shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that meet your specific hair needs, whether it's soft body, sleek curls, straight styles, color care, or windswept texture.

Drugstore Brands

While salon brands are ultimately preferred by users and suggested by stylists, many drugstore brands offer good quality cleansing and styling. Top brands to choose from at the drugstore or mass merchandise retailers include:

  • L'oreal: This well-known name in beauty offers advanced technology even in its retail hair products, In particular the Vive color care products are favorites.
  • Pantene: With lines for different hair types, Pantene is another top drugstore brand. The line seeks to help women and men have healthy and manageable hair base don their individual needs at an affordable cost.
  • Neutrogena: Well-known for their skin care, this line also focuses on health when it comes to hair products. This line is a good drugstore brand to turn to for clarifying shampoos and conditions like dandruff and psoriasis.
  • Aveeno: Gentle and natural, Aveeno offers cleansing and treatment hair products that won't strip away the hair's natural moisture.
  • Infusium: Although they are well-known for their leave-in conditioners, this brand offers a full line of products to repair, protect, add volume, reduce frizz, or add moisture.
  • TRESemme: This brand boasts award winning products like their 24 hour Root Boosing spray along with full collections of hair care ranging from classic to individualized hair concerns.

New Brands

Newer and emerging product labels can be found in stores such as Sephora. Top names in these new products include:

  • Living Proof: This innovative brand offers styling products that help resists humidity and hold your style. Products can be selected according to hair type and style need.
  • Ouidad: This line is focused on curly hair types, offering an extensive product range for different curly hair needs.
  • Ojon: The Ojon line is formulated to help fight damage and keep hair beautiful and healthy. The secret is their unique formulas created with Ojon tree oil that repairs and fights everyday damage and dryness of the hair.
  • Phyto: With a tagline of "Natural, Healthy. Professional" the Phyto lineup offers plant-based hair care for a range of needs from oily scalp to ultra dry hair.
  • Jonathan: This high performance luxury brand has a number of exciting products, like their dry shampoo with a convenient brush and their DIRT texturizing paste. Their products are also free of harsh chemicals and are 100 percent vegan.

How to Choose?

Whether through a more natural-based approach, a curl-toning focus, or a commitment to hair care and repair, each brand creates a myriad of hair products that can help you achieve your desired style. Salon quality brands do not necessarily have the leg up on drugstore brands. However, salon quality brands are generally much pricier, thus isolating them from the general market. Is this expense justifiable? There has been quite a bit of controversy regarding the differences between professional hair care lines and drugstore brands. In general, the top hair product brands overall are salon formulas, but many drugstore brands also have quality ingredients and can cleanse treat, and style hair well.

What the Best Hair Product Brands Can Accomplish

Models in magazine ads will often sport the most curious coifs. Their hair defies gravity and yet the texture of these tresses still seems to beam with shine. How are these artistic hair styles able to hold up without causing considerable damage to the hair cuticle?

Fight Damage

The reality is that the hair products of today not only aid stylists in creating experimental styles, they also help to prevent and mitigate the damage caused by excessive styling. Your naturally tight frizzy curls can be shampooed with a silicone formulation, sprayed with a heat-protectant, blown out with a large dryer, straightened with a flat iron, smoothed with a shine enhancer, and pinned up in huge Velcro rollers until show time, and the incredible results are all possible with this arsenal of hair products.

Keep Hair and Scalp Healthy

Many individuals style their hair each morning using a repertoire of heat styling essentials combined with mousses and waxes and spray products. Special clarifying shampoos are now available to strip the scalp of styling product buildup. Moreover, a few years ago a new revolutionary product hit the hair scene: the scalp exfoliant. Now you can attempt to undo styling buildup without stripping the hair with a clarifying shampoo by using a scalp-specific exfoliant product. Philip Kingsley's scalp mask is presently one of the most sought after products in the field of celebrity hair care.

Define Your Style

If your naturally dull fine locks falls flat to the ground, special thickening shampoos can layer your hair with a boost of supplementary proteins or scientific substances. Now that your hair shaft has increased as much as fifty percent, you can fight the additional weight with a "root lifting" spray and a "volumizing" mousse. Fine, even thinning, hair can become big hair with the help of specialized products. Moreover, where styling products fail, hair extensions take over the scene.

Thick, dry hair can also benefit from quality conditioning and treatment products. You can define curls or create sleek smooth styles. Many of today's top brands offer more customized solutions to your specific hair needs than ever before, so no matter what your hair concern is it can be remedied. Hair products are a necessity for everyone. Whether you just want to wash and go, or you want tons of volume and a mass of curls, using good quality products can help you achieve a beautiful style.

A Solid Hair Foundation

Reading beauty magazines and consulting with hair care specialists is a good way to become introduced to the world of top hair products. Hair knowledge is not acquired overnight, and many individuals will remain unaware of exactly what lurks in the world of hair care until they experience their first salon-quality hair cut or coloring job. Hair products exist to help you achieve a certain style and to fight against styling damage. Most individuals will not need one of every kind of hair product. However, a cleansing and conditioning line that is specialized for your specific hair type is the first place to start. Your individual styling needs will determine which products are necessary for styling and hair maintenance. Choosing a solid brand will help you achieve a solid hair foundation.


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