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Chi 2" Flat Iron
Chi 2" Flat Iron

If you've ever walked into a hair salon with frizzy, unmanageable hair and walked back out again with sleek, shiny, straight locks or curls with sheen and control, you may have fallen "victim" to the CHI hair products that are so popular right now. A combination of CHI's ceramic styling tools and one or two of the lotions, potions, serums, and sprays they offer can give you salon perfect hair--even at home. You can get the stick straight hair of the hottest Hollywood babes, or luscious curls to rival Debra Messing or Julia Roberts.

First Off: The CHI Tools

Before there were raves about the hair products, there were the styling tools that set the company up for success. Your hair type doesn't matter; you can always find something in the hair products line-and even the tools line. The tools and products collaborate well to give you the style you deserve. To pick your weapon, choose from:

  • Flat Irons (they even come in multiple sizes for different hair lengths)
    • The Original CHI Ceramic Iron in 1" will curl, straighten, and flip any hair length
    • The Turbo CHI Ceramic Iron in 1" is a hyped up version of the original and allows you to change the temperature
    • The CHI Original Mini Hair Iron has plates that are only 1/2" wide--great for short, spiky styles
  • Curling Irons
  • Hair Dryers

Through the use of ceramics and new technology, the CHI tools work well for leaving your hair undamaged. CHI products, with their roots in ceramics, can help you have fewer split ends. You may also find it easier to grow your hair out long, since healthy hair breaks less. Clients are often amazed by the ease of use and the incredible salon-quality results they get when they use the coveted CHI products.

Ceramic Styling Tools

Ceramic styling tools use negative ions to lock in moisture, natural oils, color, and style. At the same time, they lock OUT the frizzies--even if the weather is humid. If you're one of those lucky people who don't need to wash their hair every day, you can go without straightening seven days a week, too. Your hair will maintain its style until you wash it out. The beauty of these styling tools is they do the work but leave you in total control.

Choosing Your CHI Hair Products

Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy, unmanageable, or just needs extra hold, you may just find your holy grail in the hair products line, created by Farouk. Here's a quick guide to selecting the product that does what you want:

CHI Products
The Product What It Does Estimated Cost Use With
CHI Silk Infusion Strengthens/Softens $10-$30 Any CHI styling tool
CHI Shine Infusion Polishing Spray Adds shine $10 Any CHI styling tool
CHI Volume Booster Liquid Shine Spray Adds volume, control, and shine $11 CHI hair dryer
CHI Enviro Flex Hold Hair Spray Firm hold--and it's environment-friendly! $12 Any CHI styling tool

For a full description of most of the hair products, visit the CHI section of

If for some reason you find the CHI products not to be your holy grails, don't overlook other Farouk products.

Where to Buy

Quite a few salons keep CHI hair products in stock, so if you hate to pay for shipping or just like to get your hands on what you desire without a wait, check there first. If that doesn't work, here are a few websites to check out: offers free shipping on their tools, so if you're looking to buy a flat iron or dryer too, you might want to check them out. also offers just about every CHI product your heart could possibly desire.

Trade Secret often runs specials, allowing you to save quite a bit on those big purchases like ceramic styling tools.

If you're ready for a luxurious head of hair that leaves others in a state of envy, decide what you need first. Is it volume? Straightening? Curling? Take a stroll through your local beauty supply store or salon, or browse online (don't forget to check eBay) for tools and products.

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