Black Hairstyles for Summer

African American woman with fashionable natural hair

When summer rolls around, you'll want to have a style that looks incredibly chic, but one that won't make you feel uncomfortably hot. Whether you choose a natural style or want to create a warm-weather look with treated hair, you can achieve a flawless style that helps you to do both.

Natural Hair Looks for Summer

Rather than wrestling with the environmental hassles of humidity and heat, consider a natural look that leaves you feeling cool and looking great.

Ultra Short

An ultra short haircut is easy to manage, feels cool, and can look sophisticated and chic. You can create cute styles with short twists, or add accessories for a more fun weekend look.

Bantu Knots

Pretty and great for summer, bantu knots can be created on hair that is at least two inches in length or longer. Wear the knots in for a sleek look. Release the knots and wear hair in a simple updo that keeps you cool and still shows off the sophisticated spirals.


Getting micro braids makes it simple to style hair for summer, especially for medium length or longer hair. Wear your braided hair up in a bun, a chignon, or a ponytail.


If you have an Afro, you can up the style quotient by flipping your head over and tying on a bright, colorful scarf. Allow the scarf to sit at the very front of your head and adjust its width until you find a dimension that works with the length of your Afro. Now, you have a look worthy of a Paris runway.

Style Ideas for Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair offers different styling options. Try one of these looks.

African American woman with side swept bangs

Short and Asymmetrical

The short asymmetrical or windswept look means that the hair gives the impression of movement. However, this won't look messy because you will artfully arrange your tresses. From there, style the hair so that it has a slightly pieced feel to it. This style is a bit avant garde, but it's perfect for those that don't shy away from a bold look.

Soft Curls

Soft curls are pretty and romantic for summer. Use a large-barrel ceramic curling iron on the lowest heat setting possible to add soft curls and set with a humidity-resistant styling spray. This is a good style to choose if you have short to shoulder length hair.

Side Swept Bangs

Whether you have shoulder length hair, or short hair, you can also utilize the side bang look. This style couldn't be easier to achieve, as all you have to do is comb your bangs on the bias. Don't worry if your bangs are on the long side, as this will help you achieve a sexy and coy, one-eyed look.

An Off-Center Bun

African American woman with off center bun

This is a sexy, yet practical hairstyle for summer. The first thing you'll need to do is decide which way to comb the front of your hair. For the most part, a deep side part will work well.

After that, gather the rest of your hair into a bun and secure with a clip or hair tie. The key to this style is making sure that the bun is snug, not tight, and that it sits slightly to the side.

Glamorous Ponytail

If your hair is long enough, at least grazing your shoulders, you can wear a cute ponytail. For the front of the hair, consider pulling all of it back and adding height at the crown for a glamorous look. If that's not possible to do because your bangs are too short, then pin them back with a pretty clip with a slight poof. Simply comb your hair back, push slightly forward, and secure with a sturdy barrette.

From there, gather hair into the pony, using your comb or brush to smooth over any hair strands that are peeking out.

Clipped Back

Clip either one or both sides of your hair up with pretty clip. Clipped back hair is cute and sleek as well as and warm-weather appropriate. Part hair off to one side to keep the style from looking juvenile.

Stress-Free Style

Lastly, keep in mind that you don't have to do anything extraordinary to have the perfect summer look. Work with your current hairstyle, and experiment. Gather all of your tools in one spot, and systematically try out all of the styles you think might look good. This way, when it comes time to debut your new look, you'll feel comfortable and confident.

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Black Hairstyles for Summer