Full Tilt Women's Boyfriend Cardigan

boyfriend cardigan

The Full Tilt women's boyfriend cardigan has been discontinued, but there are several other options that can give you the same look.

About the Full Tilt Women's Boyfriend Cardigan

The Full Tilt women's boyfriend cardigan is long, with oversized buttons, long sleeves, and a deep V-neck. There are two deep patch pockets on the front as well. It's made from 55 percent cotton and 45 percent rayon. The overall form is fairly fitted, especially for a cardigan labeled "boyfriend," so don't let the description alone deter you from what you fear is a boxy-fitting, oversized sweater that only Mary-Kate Olsen or a Victoria's Secret model can pull off while still looking chic. One possible down side to buying this cardigan is the fact that it has to be washed by hand rather than tossed in the washer and laid flat to dry.Color options include navy, purple, and heather gray, so you can complement almost any outfit.

Where to Buy Your Sweater

There may be a few online retailers where you can find the Full Tilt boyfriend cardigans for women, but most say that it is no longer available. If all else fails and you aren't satisfied with any of the alternatives, you could have some luck on eBay. Some sites to look at, either for an image and description of the sweater in question or the other similar options, include:

Tilly's: This site sold the cardigans for under $20. Sizes available ranged from XS to XL. Unfortunately, the cardigan is no longer sold there. You can use this image and product description as a reference when searching for the most similar style you can find.

The Full Tilt stripe women's cardigan is a good alternative to the Full Tilt boyfriend cardigan. The style is very similar, with the long length, V-neck, long sleeves, patch pockets, and large buttons. The neck on this one seems to be a bit deeper. One of the perks to this cardigan when compared to the other is that it's 100 percent acrylic, so it's machine washable.

You may also want to visit Amazon.com and search for long boyfriend cardigans. You'll see styles from Kenneth Cole, Mossimo, and more. You may be able to find the perfect one that combines all of the features you wanted in the boyfriend cardigan from Full Tilt-perhaps even in additional colors and patterns.

How to Wear the Boyfriend Cardigan

Boyfriend cardigans go with almost anything, from a casual tank top and jeans to a dress. Wear them with your skinny jeans tucked into your boots to add volume and balance to the upper half of your body, or use the length to tame a dress with a flouncy skirt. This go-with-anything style should be in every woman's wardrobe, whether she's able to find the Full Tilt version or not.

Even though it could prove nearly impossible to find the Full Tilt women's boyfriend cardigan you were hoping to add to your wardrobe, there are several alternatives. In some cases, there is no discernable difference aside from color choices. Simply look for boyfriend cardigans and you'll find plenty of long, pocketed, button-up styles. Look for styles that are slightly fitted for the most flattering silhouette.

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Full Tilt Women's Boyfriend Cardigan