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Published March 29, 2018
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Fashion magazines are an extremely useful resource for keeping up with the latest fashion trends, industry news, and up-and-coming designers. From glossy monthlies to lifestyle weeklies, women's clothing magazines always contain the most up-to-date and relevant information and keep self-professed fashionistas in the know.

Top Fashion Magazines

Top Fashion Magazines

The top womenswear magazines in the industry focus primarily on fashion, but they might also discuss other lifestyle-related topics. They contain insightful features, trend reports, news, interviews with designers and influential figures in the industry, and product photoshoots.

High-End Fashion Mags

There are a handful of international fashion magazines considered the very best of the best in the clothing industry. These magazines feature luxury designer advertisements and products, with a new issue usually hitting the shelves monthly.

  • Vogue - One of the most iconic magazines ever to be produced, Vogue was established in 1892 and focuses primarily on fashion.
  • ELLE - Elle actually originated in France circa 1945. As well as including news and features relating to fashion and beauty, the world's largest fashion magazine also discusses politics, relationships, and other major topics from a women's perspective.
  • Harper's Bazaar - This international fashion magazine features high-end products and designers. It's currently the longest running after originating in 1867.
  • InStyle - Founded in 1994, InStyle is a US-based magazine that boasts celebrity and human interest stories in the world of fashion.
  • L'Officiel - This international French fashion magazine has a full name of L'Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris. It's currently published in over 20 countries and has been in circulation since 1921.
  • W Magazine - Created in 1972 by the publisher of its sister magazine, Women's Wear Daily, this American magazine features the most elite in the fashion industry.

Budget-Friendly Fashion Mags

The most successful weekly fashion magazines on the market at present are very budget-friendly and more accessible. As well as featuring designer products, they include affordable clothing, footwear, and accessories options based on popular high street chains.

  • LOOK - First published in the UK circa 2007, this fashion magazine is renowned all over the world and especially Europe. Its focus is on main street fashion, or style on a budget, but it occasionally features high-end fashion brands too. As well as fashion and beauty topics, it covers celebrity news and gossip.
  • Grazia - Grazia is Italian for "grace." This weekly magazine originated in Italy in 1938 and now has international editions in many countries all over the world. It has more of a luxury, high-end focus, but sometimes features high street products.

Top Lifestyle Magazines

Top Lifestyle Magazines

Even though they don't focus primarily on fashion, the top lifestyle magazines tend to cover women's clothing extensively and are great to refer to for the latest industry news and trends.

  • Cosmopolitan - This global magazine for women was first published in the US in 1886 as a family magazine. It eventually became a women's magazine in 1965 and is now commonly referred to as "Cosmo." As well as featuring fashion and beauty content, it also discusses topics such as relationships, health, careers, self-improvement, and celebrities.
  • Marie Claire - Since its conception in France circa 1937, various editions of Marie Claire have been published in many countries and languages. Its monthly issue covers everything from news and careers to fashion and social issues.
  • Glamour - Originally called "Glamour of Hollywood," this international women's magazine was first published in 1939 in the US. Aimed at an 18 to 30-year-old audience, Glamour is most famous for its fashion advice, styled photoshoots, and tongue-in-cheek columns.
  • Allure - Founded in 1991, Allure is a monthly American women's magazine that primarily focuses on beauty tips, trends, and product reviews. They also cover fashion, wellness, and celebrity news.

Finding the Right Magazine for You

Whether you prefer quick-fix weeklies with fashion as their main focus or monthly glossies that cover a range of lifestyle topics, there are many options available when it comes to women's clothings magazines. All incredibly informative and entertaining in their own right, the only way to find out which ones you like is to experiment and try out as many as you can.

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