Where to Find Fun Printed Leggings

fun printed leggings

On the hunt for the perfect pair of fun, printed leggings? Whether it's your first pair or your hundredth, there's something exciting about checking out the patterns available and planning out your outfits. You can find leggings like this in casual and activewear lines, in stores or online.


LuLaRoe Jordan Leggings
Jordan Leggings

Shopping for LuLaRoe can be a fun way to meet new people because you'll have to work through a consultant and they sometimes host events at home where you can go and see the leggings (and other products) in person before you buy. To find a local independent retailer and purchase LuLaRoe pieces, you can visit the LuLaRoe Retailer Map, where many have Instagram and Facebook links. A quick question on Facebook could lead you to your next pair of great leggings and new friends you never would've met otherwise.

LuLaRoe leggings are known for their buttery softness and usually meant for casual wear. They pair up well with some of the flowy tops and dresses from the line. However, the Jordan is meant for working out. They keep the softness inside that LuLaRoe's leggings are known for, but they're moisture-wicking, have a yoga waistband, and have a reflective logo on the back to help keep you safe if you're out after dark.

Patterns are usually limited stock and not all consultants get the same ones, so if you see a pair you like and can afford it at the time, it's best to snap it up. There are three sizes: Tween (00-0), One Size (sizes 2-10), and Tall & Curvy (12-22). Expect to pay around $25.00 per pair.


Salar Leggings
Salar Leggings

If you're looking for leggings to wear during your workouts and want some fun patterns to stand out and get motivated, Fabletics is a good place to start. They have special deals on leggings that apply to first orders only, but when you sign up as a VIP member, you save on every purchase. Each month, as a member, you'll see new recommendations and new prints in your email. If you don't want to purchase anything that month, you simply click a button on the site to skip the month.

There are stars, floral, mesh, abstract prints, and more. Some combine prints with mesh and other interesting details. Regular VIP pricing (after that first purchase) on leggings is about $50.00 per pair, but you can save more when you purchase a whole outfit.

  • The Salar Leggings (about $80.00 retail and $50.00 with membership) are compression leggings that come in a wide variety of patterns and three inseam lengths. Choose from stars, florals, abstract prints, and more.
  • The Phillipa Leggings (again, around $80.00 or $50.00 with membership) feature mesh panels along with a large floral print. This style will help keep you cool even when you don't want to wear capris or shorts.

Leggings of the Month Club

Leggings of the Month Club
Leggings of the Month Club

Leggings of the Month Club will send you a new pair of workout leggings every month if you're a member. Patterns change all the time, but past selections have included sugar skulls, paisley, camo, florals, pineapples, and more, in addition to solids in several colors. The potential downside (if you don't like surprises) is not knowing what you'll get. You can choose to pay about $30.00 month-to-month or choose to pay for the whole year at once, for just over $300.00.

ViV Collection

You can find ViV Collection items on their site or at stores like Amazon and Walmart. They're usually less than $20.00 regardless of the pattern you choose, so it's a good place to stock up if you live in printed leggings (or want to).

ViV Collection Printed Brushed Leggings Shockify Regular
ViV Collection Shockify Leggings

Patterns include leopard print, sharktooth, paisley, florals, and more, in a wide variety of color schemes. These leggings are meant for casual wear and will pair beautifully with tunics and casual dresses to keep you cool. Layer up with a denim jacket and boots for a comfortable fall fashion look.

The Shockify from Walmart (under $15.00) is a brushed fabric with a stretchy waistband, and it's available in dozens of patterns. Print options include: aquatic flames, black pink elephant march, flower burst, fiery paisley, and more.

  • At Amazon, the ViV brushed leggings are around the same price, but the selection of prints that are available may not always be the same as what's at Walmart. These leggings are available with Prime shipping and you can return them for free if they don't fit or aren't what you expected. Options here include camo, antique crosses, several different paisley prints, tropical floral, whirlpool, and more.

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret has a quality activewear line that offers prints (and solids) on their leggings. Prints change with the seasons, but generally are more abstract than some of the other options. In some cases, the prints may be simply black and white. In other cases, there are neon colors to really help you stand out in the gym or on the running trail. These are prints for the woman who likes some visual interest on her leggings but isn't so into character leggings or items like pizza or skulls all over her pants.

Sometimes the print is all over, and sometimes it's limited to a particular area, as is the case with the Bonded Ankle Legging from the PINK line. If you buy when they aren't on sale, expect to pay around $60.00 for a pair of leggings from this line. Keep your eyes peeled for sales, though, because sometimes you can get them as part of a matching bra and leggings set for around that same price.

Lotus Leggings

Lotus Leggings are incredibly varied as far as prints go. These are squat-proof, so you can wear them to the gym, but you may find yourself wanting to wear them other places as well, just to show them off. Expect to pay between $20.00 and $50.00 per pair. Choose from mermaids, the Cheshire Cat, galaxy, guns, skeletons, forest, Wonder Woman, and more. Sizes range from S-4X.

  • Mermaid leggings (just over $20) have the look of shimmery scales. They aren't just green or teal, though. Try gold, silver, purple, multi-color, and more. Get free shipping anywhere in the world.
  • We're All Mad Here (about $24) brings back memories of Alice in Wonderland, when the Cheshire Cat spoke to Alice with a creepy grin.
  • The Galaxy print is a wondrous swirl of pink, black, turquoise, and white that mimics the night sky. Get yours for just over $20.

Society 6

Cat-stronauts leggings
Cat-stronauts Leggings at Society 6

Society 6 is a place for artists from all over to showcase their work and make a little money. Society 6 takes these artists' work and turns it into everything from framed pictures to leggings, then the artist earns a percentage of each sale.

There are tons of patterns to choose from in a wide range of styles and color combinations, from "Trippy," a hypnotizing black and white pattern, to Frida Kahlo. These leggings are done in a moisture-wicking design that is meant for workouts and casual wear. Expect to pay around $40.00. Sizes range from XS-XL.

  • Love cats and outer space? Cat-stronauts may be the pair for you. They feature cats dressed up as astronauts, floating over the whole surface of the leggings.
  • Sea is a good option for those who long for the beach but find themselves landlocked. Even if you can't go for a jog by the ocean, you can enjoy the pattern on your leggings.
  • Retro Rainbow has an old school color scheme and geometric print.

Hot Topic

Prefer something edgy that you can just pick up at the mall? Hot Topic may have what you need. They have options like galaxy, Beauty and the Beast stained glass, maps, astrology, Harry Potter, sunflowers, skulls, and more. You can generally expect to pay $25.00 or less per pair of leggings here. Some styles are online exclusives, so check that before heading off to the mall to purchase a pair. These are meant for casual wear, so an oversized t-shirt will be perfect with them.

  • Harry Potter Hogwart's Leggings (about $19 to $22, depending in size, in XS-3X) feature a magical place from the books and movies. These are attention-grabbing without being too bright. They're done in shades of dusty blue, black, and pops of white.
  • Beauty and the Beast lovers will want the leggings with the stained glass look of the castle windows. These are just over $19, also in sizes XS-3X.
  • Black Astrology is a black pair of leggings with a white astrology print all over. These are also just over $19 in sizes XS-3X.


Palm Tree Leggings
Palm Tree Leggings at ModCloth

ModCloth has leggings for fashion or fitness, and some uncommon prints (like plaid and palm trees). Expect to pay around $30.00 or less for each pair. If you're planning to wear them for your workouts, make sure to check the description. Not all of them will pass the squat test and may show more than you'd like at the gym (or they may simply not be the breathable material you'd want for cardio days); some are made purely for casual wear.

  • The Palm Tree Leggings are for fashion or working out. They're black with white palm trees all over, from waist to ankles. Find these in XS-4X.
  • The Excel at Edge Plaid Leggings are perfect for fall, with their deep green, navy blue, and black color palette. They're only meant for casual wear, so they can have fun details like the two zippers on the front. These come in two sizes, S/M or L/XL.

Wearing Prints

In most cases, a solid top or dress and a pair of casual shoes are all you need to pull together a look with printed leggings. In some cases, there may be a matching sports bra that you can wear with your workout leggings (with or without a loose top that will show glimpses of that fabric). Printed leggings are a wonderful way to show off your personality in casual settings, too, so you may feel the urge to stock up so you can put different facets of your personality on display nearly every day of the week.

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Where to Find Fun Printed Leggings