Tight Sweaters

Tight Sweaters Define Sexy


Tight sweaters add instant sex appeal to winter wardrobes. We all know about the bulk and admitted warmth associated with cold weather wear, but rarely do those clothes rank high on the style scale too. A tight sweater is the answer to your winter style woes - it looks fabulous, enhances your curves and keeps you warm to boot. This sassy tunic-length sweater is a great option for a woman who wants something lean and comfortable. Pair it with leggings or skinny jeans for a flawless day or night look.

Wear It to Work


Who knew a tight sweater could be so appropriate for the office? When you style it right, you can pull it off! Try a neutral color, like black, brown or gray, and pair it with a matching bottom. A contrasting blouse underneath breaks up the monotony and keeps the entire look crisp and professional.

The Grown-Up Cardigan


A cardigan isn't usually accused of being sexy, but this tight sweater proves otherwise. Thanks to its form-fitting design and lean zip closure, it fits close to the body and keeps the wearer warm at the same time. Be careful about adding too much bulk; thin, body-conscious sweaters like this demand a light layer (like a camisole or thermal top) underneath.

Keep It Simple


Tight sweaters don't have to scream "sexy," despite their fit. A dark, solid colored style lessens the impact of a tight fit and looks more conservative than a light, playful hue. You can pair this with dark rinse jeans and a pair of statement earrings to look chic, polished and classy all at once.

Tight Sweaters in Warm Weather


You probably won't be wearing a sweater during summer, but you could easily pull one off on a slightly breezy spring day. A tight sweater in a mouthwatering hue, like this bold coral, is sure to turn heads - especially when it's paired with comfortable cut-off shorts or a mini skirt for a fresh, youthful look.

No-Nonsense Chic


A tight sweater can even go formal when it's styled properly. This deep, round-necked sweater is paired with a severe white blouse and a prim, pleated skirt for a grown-up take on the rather bawdy look of schoolgirl chic. This is much more acceptable in the workplace, thanks in great part to its sedate color palette. Rich forest greens and dramatic grays are just right for conservative environments.

Show Some Skin


Not all tight sweaters are form fitting from top to bottom. If you're headed to a casual holiday party, you might want to take a softly sexy approach. This off-the-shoulder style is body conscious, but not overly revealing. Use this opportunity to show off a pretty necklace, and pair it with something casual - jeans or simple black trousers - for an effortless look.

Sheer Styles


A tight sweater is not only form fitting, but also often quite thin. A light colored sweater like this accentuates your curves and shows off whatever you're wearing underneath, so be creative and wear something eye catching. Jewel-toned camisoles and animal-print tank tops are both great choices that are completely acceptable for everyday wear.

Remember that snug sweaters come in all types of styles, from cardigans and pullovers to tunics and dresses. Opt for something less revealing (like a cardigan) if you generally prefer a minimal look, but don't be afraid to go all out on an evening out or a special occasion.

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Tight Sweaters