Fashion Designer for Winter Clothes

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Finding a fashion designer for winter clothes doesn't have to be a challenge. If you already have a favorite designer, chances are he or she already has a winter line out or in the making.

List of Fashion Designers for Winter Clothes

Most fashion designers create clothing all year long. While some of the pieces embrace the spirit of the season in color and fabric, they are not always designed with keeping warm in mind. However, you'll also find designers who create a selection of coats and clothing in a ready-to-wear fashion for the women who live in colder climates.

Fashion designers for winter clothes include:

Marc Jacobs

If you're looking for something completely different from what other designers are putting out, it may be wise to look to Marc Jacobs. According to, before the 2009 fashion show debuting the fall/winter collection of clothing, Jacobs said, "What? Is all black going to help the economy?" in response to his brightly colored garments in a sea of black from other designers. You can find the Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs collections at


Of course the designer who made ladies' tweed jackets such a big deal will offer astounding winter fashions. Visit for an idea of what classic styles the designer has come up with most recently for the current year's winter months.

Donna Karan

Donna Karan's winter fashions come with the elegance and power that fans expect. The outer layers and accessories that Donna Karan offers, like the cowls and arm warmers of 2010/2011, prove that you don't have to bundle up and look like everyone else just because it's cold outside. Incorporate pieces that still enable you to make a statement.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has no problem doing the unexpected in her designs. For example, in 2010, some of the dresses on the runway were very short. In addition, there were a few bright colors mixed in with an overall neutral palette. If you visit the website and click on Shop Stella, you can shop by look, what's new, or even choose to have a look at Stella's holiday picks-perfect if you're stumped about winter fashion.

Calvin Klein

If winter to you means understated glamour, Calvin Klein's collection may be the solution. The designs are simple, but complement the body in a way that makes them appear anything but simple. Visit for a look at what's new for winter, and don't forget to check out the Holiday Dressing section. You may be surprised by how affordable some of the pieces are.

Michael Kors

Casually sexy styles come from the Michael Kors lineup. If you're looking for a cozy sweater or a trench coat that you can throw on over basically anything, Michael Kors is a fashion designer for winter clothing that you'll want to consider. Check out to see the latest clothing.

If you're more interested in a fashion designer for winter clothes you'll be able to find easily in stores that almost every city and suburb has to offer, you may be interested in shopping for clothing by designers like:

  • Lanvin for H&M (limited edition)
  • William Rast for Target (limited edition)
  • Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
  • Kova & T for Urban Outfitters
  • Vera Wang for Kohl's

Finding Your Winter Clothing

You can always visit your favorite designers' websites to find out what's popular for winter. Vogue is another great site to see what made its way down the runway recently. Find the hottest designs for the frigid months of the year to make your shopping list or at least take inspiration for new ways to work what's in your closet.

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Fashion Designer for Winter Clothes