Connie Elder: Smart Swimsuits from Lipo in a Box®

Lipo in a Box® Shapewear
Lipo in a Box® Shapewear

Introduction to Connie Elder of Lipo in a Box®

Perhaps you've already seen Connie Elder selling her line of shapewear on the QVC Shopping Network for the last four years. Before going into business for herself, Connie had a 23 year career in the medical field, in medical compression garments. After turning 40, she decided to use that experience to develop a garment product that would help women look their best, and feel more confident about themselves at any age. Her focus is on the basics of foundations/shapewear, and this has served as the inspiration for her current line of swimwear.

Connie also uses proceeds from her company to support two causes close to her heart; breast cancer research and to assist victims of domestic abuse.

LoveToKnow Swimsuits is pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with Connie about her very unique products.

The Interview

Shapwear and Swimsuits

LoveToKnow (LTK): What is "Lipo in A Box®"?

Connie Elder (CE): Lipo in a Box® is a shapewear garment featuring a patented design using varied compression to provide comfort as well as control in all the right places. It is literally seamless in the torso area of all styles, giving a smooth toned look and it feels like a second skin. There are many styles to choose from depending on your body and/or fashion needs.

LTK: What inspired you to design shapewear, and how do these garments improve the appearance of women's figures?

CE: I turned 40 a few years ago and went in search of an effective shapewear garment without success. What I found was uncomfortable garments that made me bulge in other places. Having some past experience in medical compression garments I thought ah-ha, what if we used a similar technology and instead of using graduated compression, we used varied compression to offer women comfort where they need comfort and control wear they want control? I found a manufacturer who had the capability to do this and Lipo in a Box® was born. It worked for me, and I believed that many other women would be looking for this same kind of comfort and support.

LTK: How did this body shaping product evolve into swimwear?

CE: Spandex is a beautiful thing! Our shapewear has 25 percent spandex providing control, shaping, breathability and durability. My customers love it and so do I.


I continually had customers request bathing suits. They would say, "I can't wear my Lipo in a Box® under my swimsuit, make us a swimsuit that works like this". I knew there was other control swimwear already on the market, so I researched to see what using our philosophy/recipe of comfort and control could offer that was different. I didn't want controlling liners that can add bulk and certainly can be hot, so we developed shaping swimwear that could let just the suit do the job! Lightweight, controlling, comfortable and SMART, hence the name The Smart Suit.

Smart Swim Styles

LTK: Describe the "Smart" swimsuit, its design/construction, and the advantages it can provide over standard swimwear.

CE: The big secret is 52 percent spandex! The body of the suits are constructed with our "Smart" spandex fabric, so no additional liners are needed. This offers firm control without being bulky or hot. It's comfortable, supporting, and yet doesn't create bulges at the edges. Keeping in mind that swimwear only covers so much of one's body, we also created stylish, elegant pareos to complement the suit. Therefore, no matter how self-conscious we are in our suits, we can feel confident, sexy and elegant as we walk along the beach or pool side.

LTK: Are these swimsuits designed strictly for fuller figures or can anyone wear them?

CE: These suit are for everyone. Our styles cross all ages and body types. You don't have to be a fuller figure woman to need support and control. Just like our shapewear, we sell for all size ranges and ages. Many women who are smaller can still have loose skin, or would like to look more toned due to recently giving birth, aging, weight loss, or just perceived figure flaws.

LTK: Does the sizing on Smart Suits run similar to standard swimsuits, or do women need to adjust their usual size choice to achieve the proper fit?

CE: We have found our suits are true to size. Just buy your jean size, and if your jeans are too tight, then go up a size in the swimsuit.

LTK: Currently, your swimsuit line is limited to two choices. Are there any plans to expand the line?

CE: Yes, we want feedback and next year we will expand to more great styles.

Special Thanks to Connie Elder

LoveToKnow thanks Connie Elder for the interview and wishes her best wishes for continued success.

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about Connie Elder's products, you can visit her official website, Lipo In A Box®.

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Connie Elder: Smart Swimsuits from Lipo in a Box®