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When it's time to choose an eyeglass frame, who better to ask than a woman who set out to give women's eyewear and eyewear accessories a new, hip vibe? In 1992, Corinne McCormack started her business with unusually beautiful eyeglass chains. In this interview she gives expert tips on just how to choose the right eyeglass frames.

How to Choose Eyeglass Frames

Top Considerations

LTK: What are the main things to consider when beginning your search for the perfect glasses?

CM: You want them to feel comfortable and look great on your face. When searching for sunglases, I always suggest larger frames to protect your eyes from the sun. Also get the darker lenses as they are better protection. Consider your lifestyle. If you want the glasses for a fashion statement or for performance sports, there are very different options.

Fashion Rules and Eyeglass Frames

LTK: Are there any "rules" when it's time to choose eyeglass frames?

CM: NO! But I suggest you try on glasses to find the shape and fit that works for you. The only rules are about face shapes. My website has a tab for Face Framers. Review that and see what shapes work for each face shape. But for some "fashion" styles you don't necessarily follow rules.

LTK: So there is no color that a blonde should never wear, a frame style that just won't work for those with heart-shaped faces, etc?

CM: I think each person has a different look. I tend to consider RTW colors when suggesting the frame colors. Blondes do look good in lighter colors, but black also works. There really are no rules.

[RTW colors, or "ready to wear" colors, are the trendy colors of the given season.]

LTK: Not everyone wants a neutral-toned frame. Have you found that certain colors tend to look perfect on specific features?

CM: Purple colors are hot now!

LTK: Is there a frame color that makes blue eyes pop, for example?

CM: I always suggest blue eyed people to have blue glasses or frames that have a blue tint. See the Hollywood Chocolate mint color on Eye-bar. That looks great [with] blue eyes. I also LOVE multiple colors on a frame (see Sherry Jet Multi).

LTK: How about one that looks great on redheads, or one that really accentuates a nice tan?

CM: Rich browns with golden shimmer. White would also pop a tan!

The Fit

Face Shape

LTK: Do you have any suggestions for finding the perfect frame shape for your face?

CM: Check out the Face Frames page on my website, but certain shapes look great on everyone: Hollywood shape and the Sherry shape.

LTK: How about tips for finding frames that fit those with small faces?

CM: Good question, small faces do have a harder time, I suggest they need to find the smaller shapes or just embrace the "Large" glasses trend!

Perfect Sizing

LTK: How should a frame fit? Should the edges of the frame exactly match up with the sides of the face, be a bit larger, etc? How do you know when you have the perfect lens/bridge size?'''

CM: Try on the frames. They need to feel comfortable. That is my best advice.

Trends and Favorites

Stylish pair of glasses

LTK: What is your favorite eyeglass trend and why?

CM: Color, color and color! Because it makes the glasses a fashion accessory that changes with your mood or season!

LTK: If someone wants a colorful frame, how do you suggest that they find the best one for their features?

CM: I suggest a wardrobe of eyeglasses. We have lots of shoes; lots of handbags, why would we only have one pair of glasses. I think you need a basic tortoise color, a bright fun color (purple or red for example) and a dressier pair, maybe black. Eyeglasses do get pricey, but on my website, all of my frames can be purchased for about $50 and a person can put their Rx in them. So they can have fun with the glasses.

LTK: Do you prefer plastic or metal frames? Why?

CM: Plastic! I don't understand why someone would want metals. For me, the fun part of wearing glasses is making a statement. Plastic glasses make a statement. Plus there are so many wonderful new plastic colors and designs. This is very vintage inspired but very contemporary at the same time. Visit Eye-bar and you'll see some of the colors. I design four collections a year and each collection has about 12 new colors. Women spend so much time with make-up, yet eyeglasses change your look instantly.

Shop and Learn More

Corinne McCormack's eyeglass chains were followed by reading glasses such as the new "MEGASPECS" line, cases, pins, and more. To shop for products, view styles, or learn more, visit the company's website at to check out the selection.

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Choosing Eyeglass Frames Interview