Cheap Plain Women's Cardigan

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You might feel you need to spend a fortune in order to add a shot of luxury to your cold weather wardrobe, but in truth a cheap, plain women's cardigan does the job quite well. It's important to know what to look for in your sweater, though. Remember that cheap really can mean "of poor quality" on occasion, but it can also equate to great deals on well-designed garments if you shop smart.

Cheap and Chic

The word "cheap" is a tricky one. It can fool even the savviest shoppers. It is often associated with poorly constructed garments made with low-cost materials, often by unknown designers. From this standpoint, it seems fair to say that "cheap" actually gets quite a bad rap. Cheap can be great, though, especially when it saves the consumer some cash and brings something fashionable to her wardrobe at the same time.

That is precisely the sort of "cheap" consumers should strive to find when scouring the racks for inexpensive cardigans. Actually coming across cheap, chic finds that are just as well made as anything costlier is always cause for celebration!

The Cheap, Plain Women's Cardigan

There are several details to focus on when shopping for a cheap, plain women's cardigan. Keep these in mind as you begin to fill your arms with the the numerous choices you're sure to come across while shopping:

  • Price: If cost is your main concern, then price is certainly the first item on the agenda. Take into account the price range and compare that with your budget. If it's just a few dollars above your intended investment, consider whether it might be worth it. Maybe you're paying extra for a few decorative buttons or a softer material.
  • Details: "Plain" is typically a euphemism for solid. Heavily decorated cardigans tend to be more expensive, particularly if the décor is of the beaded, sequined or otherwise embellished sort. You are more likely to find patterns on the cheaper end of the spectrum, and many can be considered quite plain. For example, thin stripes and tonal prints are both low key and simple.
  • Material: The majority of inexpensive styles are made with materials like rayon, cotton (or a cotton blend), jersey knit and cable knit.
  • Quality: The first sign of a poorly constructed cardigan is visible in its craftsmanship, often (but not always) to the naked eye. Inspect the seams to ensure they are properly stitched in straight, even lines. Make sure the buttons are sewn securely and do not have any hanging threads behind the placket. Examine the color on the inside and outside of the cardigan. It should be uniform throughout, without any visible signs of fading. The cardigan should also hang evenly on all sides.

Where to Purchase

Though it might seem a bit obvious to inspect a garment for obvious poor craftsmanship, it can come as quite a nasty surprise to arrive home and discover a snagged section of fabric or a poorly stitched seam. It's well worth the few minutes it takes to examine the piece. That said, these stores are extremely reliable in their selections of affordable, simple cardigans that are as stylish as they are versatile:

  • Forever 21: Immense doesn't even begin to describe the selection of cheap cardigans at Forever 21, all reasonably priced under $25. Savvy shoppers can often track down simple styles for as little as $10. If you're on the hunt for plain cardigans, you'll find plenty in numerous colors and cuts here.
  • Macy's: If you prefer having a vast selection of brands at your disposal, pay a visit to Macy's. The famed department store carries numerous cardigans for reasonable prices, often between $18 and $25. It's helpful to shop during sales, when even mid-range labels are often deeply discounted. Look for chic, simple cardigans from brands like Charter Club, DKNY Jeans and Karen Scott, to name a few.
  • Target: One can almost never go wrong with the vast selection of plain cardigans at Target. The company's own Merona line is rife with myriad styles, almost always priced under $25. Look for classic, no-frills cardigans that look great with matching shells and crisp trousers for office wear. You'll also find trendier looks, like shawl collar styles, boyfriend cuts, sequins and more.

Once you've purchased a few cheap cardigans, you'll find that they fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. Cardigans are practically synonymous with versatility; they're ideal for work and play alike, and look great with sleek pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. Experiment with different looks and color combinations and you'll always have something stylish and affordable to wear.

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Cheap Plain Women's Cardigan