Women's Spring Dresses

Woman wearing a lavender and lace spring dress
Florals and pastels are typical for spring.

Women's spring dresses have been a crucial element of fashion since the development of seasonal designs. They always epitomize the chance to be fresh and new. Spring fashion, like fall, gets everyone excited.

Classic Styles of Women's Spring Dresses

Spring is the season of renewal. In many cultures, it is traditional to get new clothes at this time as a mark of winter's end and the coming warmth and color. When a dress is specifically for Easter, it is typically in a pastel or floral. However, one does not need to celebrate Easter to don a floral dress - women's spring dresses are often floral to acknowledge the newly blooming flowers.

A classic spring dress is a simple floral in a combed cotton or silk, of a heavier weight than a summer dress. Spring is capricious and one can't count on too much heat. Therefore, most spring dresses will include a matching jacket, bolero or cardigan. If not, there are typically no end of smart separates in shops for women to choose from. These days, women can take their cue from stylish First Lady Michelle Obama, who often tops her dresses with a cardigan and looks fantastic when she does so.

The 1950s style of spring dress remains hugely popular - sleeveless with a lightly scooped neck, fitted bodice and A-line or flowing skirt, usually to the knee or just below. These dresses are simple but elegant, as well as comfortable and consistently stylish.

A cap sleeve dress with a longer flowing skirt, which looks so pretty but can help keep one modest on a gusty spring day, is also a tried and true modern classic. This is a dress that can be played with in a number of ways to suit your mood, the occasion and the weather. It can be paired with knee-high boots and a denim jacket or blazer to keep you warmer and more casual but still stylish. Worn with a designer hat, long beads and good heels, it suits an afternoon wedding perfectly. Depending on the cut of the sleeves, the dress can have a 1920s look for when you want to look more retro, or it can be cutting edge modern. If you need another layer, try wearing a skirt in a contrasting color or fabric underneath.

Shopping for Spring Dresses

Spring dresses on a women's shop rack

The serious fashionista knows that the ideal time to start putting together a spring look is in January. Even though it can be bitter cold and snowing, many shops will have the first of their women's spring dress collection in stock and you can take your pick. It may seem contradictory to look for a spring dress while still in a winter coat, but buying a dress for warmer weather can be a bright reminder of the coming season. Unless you are obsessed with being on top of trends, don't let the selection in the shops be your focal point. A particular style may be all the rage for the season, but if it doesn't look good on you or you just don't like it, keep an eye out for the classics instead. You also don't need to get a new dress every season. The other beauty of having a classic dress is that it's always in style.

Dark Dresses in Spring?

Although the little black dress tends to be more of an autumn or winter staple, there is no need to steer away from darker solids in spring. Many women in London and New York swear that black is fashionable all year long. In spring, you simply want to concentrate on fabric and cut. A black dress can work perfectly if it's a heavy linen, silk or cotton. Adding a splash of color doesn't hurt - pink or red trim always looks stunning. It doesn't matter if everyone else is wearing something light and floral - it's all about your own personal style.


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Women's Spring Dresses