Womens Lightweight Cotton Tops

Woman in cotton top

While women's lightweight cotton tops are perfect for warm weather, they can also be worn year-round in some climates.

Varieties of Women's Lightweight Cotton Tops

Women's fashion can be a dizzying arena. Constant changes, trends, style lists and fads keep this world evolving. What makes it so dizzying, however, also makes it fun. Women have so many choices, from dresses to skirts to blouses, that no one ever needs to look like someone else.

Cotton is a popular fabric in casual and dressy casual women's clothing. It's lightweight, comfortable, natural and comes in a rainbow of colors. Lightweight cotton tops will keep you cool during spring and summer, but can also be layered for fall and winter.

Here's a brief rundown of just some of the styles of women's lightweight cotton tops you'll find:

  • Tee shirts: In a casual ensemble, the humble tee is everywhere. Forget those baggy, shapeless tees from your boyfriend's closet. Today's trendy woman can look chic and pulled together in fitted tee shirts and tees with embellishments, such as beads or gems.
  • Tank tops/camisoles: Show off those sculpted arms in sleeveless tops. Both these styles stand alone or can be layered for more coverage.
  • Babydoll and empire style tops: Perfect for hiding a little tummy bulge, these tops are playful and feminine.
  • Peasant tops: You can opt for one bohemian-style piece like this or go for the full look by pairing it with a long, flowing skirt.
  • Polo shirts: Simply chic, these collared cotton tops work well with shorts, jeans, capri pants and denim or cotton skirts.
  • Oxford: Choose solids or striped patterns. These businesslike shirts work well in the office and out. Slip a cardigan over it for a classic look that's always in.
  • Wrap blouse: With sleeves or without, this flattering top is sure to keep you cool.
  • Henley shirts: These long-sleeved tops can be lightweight or heavy. Light versions layer well under many types of cold weather shirts, while heavy versions can be worn alone in warmer climates.
  • Jersey: No need to hit the baseball grounds in this one. Jersey shirts are great for a variety of casual ensembles.

What to Wear with a Lightweight Top

Your lightweight cotton top can be worn with almost anything. While casual versions like tees and peasant tops shouldn't be worn to the office, button-down oxfords and wrap blouses are work-friendly. You have a variety of options in what to wear with your cotton top, so consider the style and choose accordingly.

Spring and Summer

Wear your cotton tops with these bottoms when it's hot outside:

  • Short shorts
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Skorts
  • Capri pants
  • Denim skirts
  • Cotton skirts
  • Over swimsuits

Fall and Winter

When temperatures dip, these bottoms will go well with your lightweight shirts:

  • Jeans
  • Wool skirts
  • Wool slacks
  • Sweatpants

Great for Many Occasions

Cotton doesn't have to instantly equate with casual. Cotton blends can be dressier, and embellished tops usually crank up the style factor quite a bit. This versatility makes a lightweight cotton shirt perfect for many different places and occasions, so don't feel you have to leave this favorite fabric at home just because you're headed to work. Choose soft cotton or cotton blends that feel great against your skin. With so many women's cotton tops to select from, your wardrobe can be full of these comfortable shirts, from casual to dressy chic.

Womens Lightweight Cotton Tops