Women's Rompers

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What better way to let the world know that you're an easygoing girl than with women's rompers? They're a throwback to childhood, an easier, more carefree time and, in some ways, the perfect summer outfits.

What Women's Rompers Are

If you're familiar with jumpsuits or jumpers, rompers are similar. The only difference is how much leg you show. With jumpers, you get the length of pants; with rompers, you get the length of shorts. While the tops of jumpers are often strapless, halter, or tank style, rompers are typically strapless, though there are some that have straps. A romper covers from the chest down to the tops of the thighs and is usually cinched in at the waist, giving the illusion of two pieces at first glance-a tube top and shorts.

How to Wear Them

Women's romper
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Women's rompers aren't just meant for a frolic in the park. You can buy these one-piece little numbers for the club, as part of a Halloween costume, or just for the bedroom. In most cases, though, they're meant for casual days you spend lounging around the house or running errands. For casual days, pair your rompers with flip-flops or sandals. Flats and shoes with low-heels will keep the casual vibe going best. Choose a few simple accessories and a pair of big sunglasses and you're ready for everything from grocery shopping to a walk on the beach.

A romper worn to the club will look great with a pair of sleek boots or high heels. Go for chunky bangles or earrings to add more drama. As long as your heels aren't too high, you may be one of the most comfortable women there.

Women's rompers also make fabulous swimsuit cover-ups. Throw one on over your favorite bikini or one-piece and don't worry about holding a beach towel in place around your body. They're great for impromptu volleyball games or Frisbee matches because they move with you and you get to have both hands free. Plus they're more playful than a sarong, but they can still be sexy.

Find Yours

  • American Eagle: Here, you'll find cute, casual styles like the Engineer Romper featuring navy and white pinstripes. If you find one in the clearance section, you'll get a great deal!
  • 6pm: Most known for their shoes, 6pm also sells clothing, and rompers are part of the line-up. They even have dressy rompers, like the black and white one from Apple Bottoms. Other options include blue jean, cotton, and even a hoodie style.
  • Kmart: You can find cute romper styles, including a belted one, at Kmart online. As you would expect, the price is low, too.

Women's rompers can be found at all types of stores. Look online to get a general idea of the styles out there, then if you prefer to shop in person, visit your local mall, Target, Walmart or wherever you love to shop for clothing. Chances are, you'll find one you like without much effort at all when the weather is warm.

A Final Word

Women's rompers can take you almost anywhere on a day off, from day to night. In some cases, they may even take you from work to play, though work-appropriate rompers are few and far between and really depend on the type of job you have. Shop around for different styles that offer different vibes so you'll have a few comfortable outfits to wear that don't involve jeans and a t-shirt or a mini dress. You may be surprised by how much wear these little outfits can offer.

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Women's Rompers