Women's Empire Waisted Tops

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Women's empire waisted tops have a unique look that flatters a variety of body types, and women can find the silhouette at almost every major women's retailer. For those of us who carry our weight around our middle, this shapely shirt is a great choice. With spring and summer fashions for women in the shops and plenty on sale, now's the perfect time to pick up a few.

Who Is Suited for an Empire Waisted Top?

Are you trying to figure out if the empire waist is a good fit for you? Here's your guide to getting a sleek look with this popular silhouette.


Does your extra weight settle around your center? You're a prime candidate for the empire waist shape, and should stock up right away. Many apple shapes have a slight "dent" below the bust, but then continue in a straight line to the hips. By choosing a top with a tie and an empire waist, you are creating a shapely look that nips in at your natural curves.

Apple-Specific Tips

  • Choose a top with a little extra "swing" to skim around trouble areas.
  • Look for blouses that define your bust and give you a boost with careful construction and details.


Your athletic body is strong and muscular, and your shape will be softened by a more feminine silhouette. Empire waisted tops add curves, and you can find them in strapless styles and wear them with shorts to show off toned limbs.Athletic-Specific Tips

  • Try accessorizing with bangles and other bracelets to show off your amazing arms.
  • Pair your empire waist top with a mini if you've got great gams!


Do you want to create some balance from your bust to your hips? If you have a small waist and larger hips in comparison, you might feel that you look disproportionate. A slight empire shape evens out your hips with your bust, especially if you choose one with detailing near the bustline.

Pear-Specific Tips

  • Try to find a shirt that hits the correct point on your body, and with the patterns all in the right place. Avoid tops that have a lot of design near the hip region.

Fit Tips for Empire Waisted Tops

  • Hunt down tops in comfortable fabrics like soft jersey or silk. If you choose a fabric with a soft drape, it will skim over figure flaws.
  • Women's empire waisted tops come in a variety of looseness. Choose one with the seam under the bust, but with more figure-conscious lines.
  • Get an empire waisted blouse with an adjustable bow under the bustline, which you can adjust for the most flattering nipped-in look.
  • Select a shirt that's not too long. Try for mid-hip or above, and be conscious of your frame. If you are petite, go for toned-down looks.
  • Consider the print and pattern of your empire top. Look around for a medium-print top if you don't know what flatters, or try a slightly larger print if you have a big frame -- you can definitely pull it off!

Where to Buy Women's Empire Waisted Tops

  • Look for petite pieces from Ann Taylor.
  • Want to spice things up? American Apparel offers a variety of urban selections.
  • Find artistic, customizable items at eShakti.
  • Looking for wild prints? You'll be pleased with what Nordstrom has to offer.
  • Sophisticated selections can be picked up at Lord & Taylor.
  • If you really don't know where to shop, try searching for "empire waist blouse" at Shopstyle.
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Women's Empire Waisted Tops