Women's Dress Vests

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Women's dress vests are so fun! You can push the envelope when you go out and dress up, or play things low-key with a classic style. They can be worn to add a pop of color to nearly any ensemble, look amazing with dresses, and are incredibly creative when purchased from independent or private designers. If you need a new way to layer, women's dress vests are a very smart pick to expand your existing wardrobe, add a fresh look to your favorite ensembles, and dress up any blouses or tees with damage or spots.

Dress Vest Basics

Many women are intimidated by the vest. They're a great topping to outfits that may already feel "finished," so they can add a certain degree of trickiness to an outfit that's been pre-planned without the addition of a vest. If you can beat the apprehension, you might find that you vest becomes one of your favorite new fall accessories. Give it a try and see how it goes!

  • Wear a dress vest with a front-tie blouse in a clingy fabric.
  • Try your dress vests over halter tops and tanks that you wouldn't wear alone in public.
  • Match your dress vest with work trousers or skirts for more professional appeal. You can even get your vests in pinstripe, so this could save your work wardrobe right there!
  • Try on a dress vest with a decidedly more casual piece, like a plain cotton t-shirt or a simple tunic top.

Buy Women's Dress Vests

Woman wearing a vest under her coat

Dress vests are available in a huge range of cuts and fits for every woman, including those who might not normally choose something small or tight near the bosom region. Play with your look, and try to choose "safe" colors at first if you're feeling apprehensive. It's not easy shopping for a new closet addition, but you'll love this one.

  • Shop for faux fur vests or gilets this fall for the ultimate in trend. Boutique to You carries high-fashion faux fur that's as warm as it is cute. Try it layered over a turtleneck, chiffon blouse, or silk tank top for the upcoming season. If you don't know what type of faux fur to buy, look for something neutral and sweet like a light brown or gray.
  • Armani Exchange carries plenty of cropped fashion vests that flatter petite or pear body types. Find a special vest with a nice button front and slash pockets, and make sure that you can wear it over your favorite shirts if it fits close to the skin! You might be surprised at the fit of your vest if you don't allow some space for your blouse beneath-consider sizing up if your blouses are highly textured.
  • Buy longer vests that can be worn open at somewhere like Ann Taylor LOFT. You can buy a vest that makes you feel more polished, but allows plenty of room for comfort, if you choose this option. Wrinkle-free synthetics are fine if you'd like a wash-and-wear look for work and play-get it in black for ultimate versatility.
  • Go to Milk for more casual, wearable vests in nylon, cotton, and silk. They will most likely be in neutral colors that jive with a simple wardrobe, but don't forget that these can be an amazing palette for your bright jewelry, hats, vintage purses, and boots.
  • Shop at Neiman Marcus for sophisticated vests in fabrics like fur, denim, and silk. This is another smart location to get a fitted vest that's trend-conscious, but you might need a more forgiving budget!
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Women's Dress Vests