Women's Cotton Tights

Woman wearing green cotton tights and heels

Women's cotton tights are highly practical additions to any wardrobe, but they're also surprisingly versatile! With the wide array of styles available today, even the most finicky fashionista is likely to find something she loves.

Versatile Tights

Tights are some of the most functional accessories out there. They're worn as part of Renaissance period costumes, on stage by actors and dancers and, of course, are also a fashionable part of any wardrobe. Women rely on them to provide a little extra warmth on those days when skirts or dresses are a must, or specifically for dressy occasions. They're available in so many different colors and prints that it's almost impossible not to find at least one pair that fits seamlessly into any wardrobe!

Cotton Blends

Most cotton tights are actually a blend of cotton, which provides softness and comfort, and other materials, such as elastane (for an enhanced fit), nylon, silk, Lycra and polyamide.

Styles of Women's Cotton Tights

Among the many types of cotton tights available on the market are:

  • Crocheted: If you're going for a slightly more conservative look yet still want to sport a pattern of some sort, consider a pair of crocheted tights. Often blended with a high percentage of cotton, they're available in a number of neutral colors and designs.
  • Decorative: Enhanced with everything from glitter and sequins to vibrant and metallic prints, decorative tights are usually not for the timid. They're the perfect accent to monochromatic ensembles and can easily carry an entire outfit if they're bold enough. They aren't all attention grabbing, though; some decorative tights offer just a hint of subtle shimmer or shine.
  • Footless: Completely different from the traditional idea of tights, footless versions obviously offer less coverage and also provide a retro 1980s-inspired look. They can look utterly chic and trendy with heels or flats when styled properly, and look cute with airy dresses and tunics that hit below the hips. Try them with a denim mini skirt for a youthful look.
  • Opaque: Timeless and always reliable, opaque tights are sensible to wear to work or on casual occasions. Neutral colors are ideal for a conservative environment, and ribbed styles are also great for keeping it low-key. Meanwhile, brighter shades - think fuchsia, purple and yellow - all have their place in more playful settings. Some make perfect additions to costumes!

Get Some Support

Black crochet tights with zebra print heels

Today, tights are so functional that they even provide that all-important feature that so many women seek in their undergarments: control. Certain pairs of women's cotton tights feature built-in shaping panties to slim the tummy, thighs and hips, and even give a little boost to the bottom. While many undergarments designed to conceal trouble spots may ride or bunch up, tights offer the benefit of remaining relatively stable.

Where to Shop

Thanks to the Internet, consumers can now browse an outstanding selection of tights. The following online boutiques specialize in hosiery of all types:

  • Hue: Available at department stores across the United States, Hue is one of the more well known brands of tights.
  • Leg Luxe: Specializing specifically in support wear, this boutique offers several pairs of cotton tights in various styles, including opaque, maternity and even an anti-cellulite version designed to tone the thighs and hips!
  • My Tights: Start with the classics and make your way to the fashionable finds. Just search for "cotton" and you'll enjoy a wide range of results, including thick, soft tights by Aristoc, tights as warm as wool by Falke, trendy cable knit tights by Pretty Polly and more.
  • Tights and More: Perhaps you're a bit more particular about what you want in your tights. Shiny control tops? Ultra-soft stockings? Maternity wear? You'll find it all here.
  • We Love Colors: Add a few colored pairs of tights to your wardrobe! The selection here includes everything from footless to fishnets.


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Women's Cotton Tights