Women's Cargo Slacks

cargo slacks

Women's cargo slacks make a versatile addition to your wardrobe and are an easy-grab item for many casual occasions.

About Cargo Slacks

Cargo slacks for women come in a variety of styles and cuts. They work dressed up or dressed down, depending on the type of slacks you're wearing. You can find loose-fitting, slouchy cargo slacks or, if you prefer, you can find more form fitting pants that will accentuate the body. The main component you'll find on any pair of cargo slacks is a wealth of pockets, in front, back and down the thighs of the legs.

Women's slacks often have a lack of pockets, unlike men's pants. However, if you're going for a streamlined look, the pockets on cargo slacks are better used mostly for show. You don't want a lot of items rounding out your pockets and taking away from your fashionable look! Still, if you want to travel with your hands free of bags, phones and other items, use your cargo slacks pockets as useful, secure storage spaces.

How to Wear Cargo Slacks

Because these pants are easy to wear with different tops, you can get a multitude of looks from them. Some ways you can sport cargo slacks include:

  • With tees or tank tops: This is one of the simplest ways to wear your cargo pants. Solid colored tee shirts or tank tops make easy accompaniments. Your look is casual and comfortable, perfect for running errands, Saturday afternoon dates or anytime you want to maintain a breezy look without resorting to jeans. However, cargo slacks are also made in denim if this rugged material is one of your favorites.
  • Pair with turtlenecks: For cool weather, a turtleneck worn with cargo slacks is an easy ensemble that can benefit from the addition of a fashionable belt, knee-high boots and a cropped denim jacket.
  • Safari look: With a khaki or olive green pair of cargo slacks, you can wear a safari-type shirt for an allover safari look, which is great when ladies fashion trends lean toward this style.
  • Casual chic: Flat shoes may seem an obvious choice with cargo slacks. While boots and sandals work well with them, you can also add the unexpected with open-toed high heel sandals. These shoes look best when you're wearing women's cargo slacks as part of a dressy casual outfit.

Baggy cargo slacks tend to look more casual, while fitted pants appear dressier, so if you want to wear your cargo pants as part of a dressy casual ensemble, choose material like stiff cotton or a cotton blend that doesn't wrinkle easily (unlike linen).

Finding Women's Cargo Slacks

When cargo slacks hit the runway, you'll see them in stores everywhere, but even when they're not the "It" item for the season, you can still find them in a variety of shops and in a variety of price points. Check out these online and storefront locations for cargo slacks:

  • Old Navy is the go-to shop for inexpensive cargo pants that are easy-wear and easy-care. You'll find loose but feminine versions here in lightweight materials that are perfect for spring and summer.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue carries high-end cargo slacks that are incredibly chic and stylish. You'll find these casual clothing items in silk/linen combos and cotton.

Easy to Accessorize

Cargo slacks for women come in a wide variety of colors, including tan, brown, white, black and denim. This makes them easy to pair up with tops, as well as with handbags, shoes and jewelry. Since they can range from very casual looks to dressy casual, it's a smart idea to have more than one pair on hand. This way, you can wear your loose cargo slacks on ultra casual days and your fitted ones with a chic top when you want to look more sophisticated. With such a range of options, this is a great pair of slacks to have on hand for a variety of occasions.

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Women's Cargo Slacks