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Virtual Clothing Makeover

Danielle Jennings
shopping online

Although they aren't available everywhere, select websites offer virtual clothing makeover tools. Using one of these tools may help you shop online with more confidence because you'll have an idea of how a clothing style will work for you. With demanding work schedules, family and social commitments, it's often hard to find the time for yourself and your style, but a virtual dressing room may make it a bit easier.

Virtual Dressing Room Basics

A virtual dressing room is all about the luxury of convenience. By trying on clothing virtually, you can experiment with practically any style you choose until you find those that suit your body type and fashion sense. When you enter most virtual clothing makeover sites, the first thing that you may be asked to do is upload a current photo that is clear, sized properly and shows your full body. Other sites may ask you to choose a virtual model whose body type resembles yours. These tools can't show you how well a dress will hug your curves or whether a pair of jeans will feel too tight in the hips. However, it can offer an idea of how certain clothes will look on your body type.

Where to Look

While there is not an overabundance of sites with virtual dressing room features, there are a few places you can find them. Some of the top sites to look for this tool include:

Armani Exchange

The ever-fashionable Armani Exchange has a virtual modeling option on their website as well. As with H&M, there is no option to upload your personal photo. You can drag and drop outfits from the current collection, style them your way for personalization, and save the looks for future visits.


Tailored to amateur stylists and the fashion-obsessed, popular website Polyvore allows you to create complete fashion looks from head to toe, accessories and shoes included. It's not a traditional virtual makeover, but it does allow you to create looks from scratch and buy all items used in your virtual outfit. You can also share with other users, family and friends through email and social networks and other fashion blogs.

Swivel Technology

The Swivel technology is a newer system that uses motion-sensing technology that works when you use a Microsoft Kinect or a webcam. It also offers users outfit recommendations to make things even easier than they already are. FaceCake Marketing Technologies has experienced great success with the system in retail demos, and a potential in-home version is shown on the website.

Try It Out

The next time you find yourself in desperate need of a new look or just don't want the hassle of clothing store crowds and dressing room lines, simply turn on your computer. Not only is this modern technology meant to save time and hassle; it's so easy to navigate you may find yourself using an online clothing tool just for fun.

Virtual Clothing Makeover