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Very Short Shorts

Woman wearing short shorts

While very short shorts don't look as flattering on every woman, anyone who can pull this look off is sure to turn some heads.

About Short Shorts

If you're brave enough to don a pair of extremely short shorts, you probably feel very comfortable with your body. Maybe your long, lean legs are your favorite body part. Petite women can make this look work for them, too - because short shorts show so much leg, they create an illusion of height for shorter women. Inseams on these leg-baring styles range from 2 inches to 4 inches or so, and you'll find low-rise shorts as well as versions that sit at the natural waist.

Although short shorts may make you think of athletic styles best suited for running or cardio work in the gym, there are plenty of chic styles that will carry you through the hottest months of the year. Find the right pair and you can wear a variety of complementary tops, allowing you to effortlessly create a cute summer outfit.

Wearing Very Short Shorts

So you have the body and more importantly, the legs to pull this look off. You should still adhere to some basic guidelines in order to keep your outfit classy instead of tacky.

  • Nice shorts: Leave the holey cut-offs at home and opt for a nice, cuffed pair of shorts instead. Shorter women may want to avoid cuffs, but whatever style of shorts you choose, make sure they're flattering to your figure. Belted options look dressier than elastic-waist versions.
  • Avoid clingy tops: The right shirt will help keep your look elegant and tasteful, so choose carefully. Short shorts are their own focal point and show off enough skin by themselves. Your top should be a little more modest, such as a sleeveless, button-down shirt, wrap shirt or nice tee. A slinky camisole can be a little too revealing when your shorts are already putting your body on display.
  • The right shoes: High heeled wedge sandals, espadrilles, flats or sneakers will accessorize very short shorts in a smart way. Because these shorts are perfect for summer, wear your favorite warm weather footwear, especially toe-baring shoes.
  • No overexposure: Extreme short shorts that reveal any part of your buttocks are a no-no in public. Leave the Daisy Dukes at home and choose shorts that leave something to the imagination. Knowing how to create a sexy summer outfit without showing everything takes real skill.

Buying Your Shorts

Younger women can usually find plenty of short styles in the Juniors department of their favorite stores. That's often because such shorts are better suited to younger women. Ladies who are past their 20s can still wear short shorts if their legs are great, but look for longer inseams.

These retailers carry shorts that will satisfy women who want to show what a great pair of gams they have:

  • Backcountry carries plenty of clothing for active types, including several styles of short shorts averaging 2.5-inch inseams. Billabong, Roxy and North Face are some of the brands you'll find offering these tiny shorts.
  • Target, the affordable one-stop shopping place for families, carries Junior-style short shorts featuring low-rise waistbands.
  • Gap and sister stores Old Navy and Banana Republic carry a good variety of shorts for women. The very short styles will have inseams of about 3.5-inches. Besides denim, you'll find these fashionable shorts in linen blends and cotton.

Enjoying the Summer Heat

Summer is the perfectly carefree season to wear your favorite short shorts. While they're inappropriate for the office and dressy venues, your shorts can carry you to many other casual events. Not only will you be able to beat the heat in these bottoms, your legs will demand a lot of attention all on their own.

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Very Short Shorts